GMA Network’s “Onanay” remains consistent on high ratings

  • Onanay started 2019 with high ratings.
  • This stars Kate Valdez and Mikee Quintos as long-lost sisters, Natalie and Maila.
  • NUTAM recorded Onanay with high ratings from Monday, December 31 to Friday, January 4.

Onanay celebrated the first week of 2019 with consistent high ratings. The series continued to dominate over its Kapamilya rival, Ngayon at Kailanman, which will soon bid farewell.

This stars Kate Valdez and Mikee Quintos as long-lost sisters, Natalie and Maila.

Onanay keeps up their ratings.

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The Kapuso series advanced with 8.6% while the Kapamilya drama-comedy had 8.1% on Monday, December 31.

On Tuesday, January 1, it maintained the same amount of number. Onanay had 10.7% ratings while Ngayon at Kailanman got 10.1%.

The differences in the ratings became higher on Wednesday, January 2 as Onanay got 12.3% while Ngayon at Kailanman remained on its 10.2% path.

Onanay still advanced over Ngayon at Kailanman on Thursday, January 3. The Kapuso series had 11.4% while the Kapamilya show continued its path with 10.3%.

It still maintained its higher score with 12.0% while the latter had 11.3% on Friday, January 4.

Onanay keeps up its drama.

Onay (Jo Berry) is trying to get closer with her daughter, Natalie (Kate Valdez). The mother cooked her daughter some lunch for school which the latter threw away in front of her.

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Years ago, Onay was raped. She, then, became pregnant with Maila and Rosemarie who Helena later acquired as her own and renamed her Natalie. The suspect who has yet to be reprimanded was actually Lucas (Wendell Ramos) and he has never admitted his crime to anyone.

If he really was Natalie and Maila’s father, that would mean Oliver (Enrico Cuenca) is their half-brother.



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