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LEAKED SCREENSHOTS: Jover Laurio’s Pinoy Ako Blog receives thousands worth of boost hate posts against James Deakin and Mocha Uson

  • Pinoy Ako Blog received thousands of pesos to attack James Deakin and Mocha Uson.
  • The blog was paid Php8-thousand to attack Uson’s pepe-dede-ralismo campaign.
  • Meanwhile, it received Php18-thousand to lash out on Deakin’s friendship with Bongbong Marcos.

A couple of screenshots were leaked that Jover Laurio had a Facebook campaign on her Pinoy Ako Blog which received Php18-thousand and Php8-thousand to attack James Deakin and Mocha Uson respectively.

Pinoy Ako Blog receives Php8-thousand to attack Mocha Uson.

The attack called out Uson’s pepe-dede-ralismo campaign.

According to the screenshot, this received Php8-thousand and was scheduled to be posted around August 5 to 9, 2018.

Pinoy Ako Blog receives Php18-thousand to attack James Deakin.

This received a higher cash number than Uson’s, calling out Deakin’s Instagram post with Bongbong Marcos.[0]=68.ARB-n1a0_NZNrvuoK72ItVf9SwxdvFav7pEPpZXKmE88TVQosxVzqW1Q4Z1x3EaYm6oWckQS0loRsKVj0xBt0FTilLOTshJZXuyQ6blxLfuA1_dn0fFEKKh33NycTEamYf6-cHsyYu-VPLtPGyDsQn714aD9zG1CK6P8-olzlBRoLvBFleFw81LlsVF02DOmy8F72n8m9pBuNN9PLCe3QH9Q6_KtwjM_ZrhyO_wHp8xf3F5-OVm5zlfFvnp6-FywWciXJ9NcF0UNdsFytRuVuwBGwGXx9t5n309Doud9vZEwi4avLk659B6TJ8c_Jn3a-CcI_6LsToHWnl3_5XVBUGyXolBh&__tn__=-R

According to the screenshots, this received a whopping Php18-thousand and was scheduled to come out on January 22 to 29, 2018.

In May, Facebook suspended Laurio’s account which she believed that trolls triggered due to mass reporting.


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