Miss Intercontinental 2018 Coronation Night draws mixed reactions due to its bloopers?

  • The Philippines now has two 2018 crowns – Catriona Gray as Miss Universe, which was held on December 17, 2018 and Karen Gallman as Miss Intercontinental on January 27, 2019.
  • Karen Gallman becomes the first Filipina to win the Miss Intercontinental pageant this Saturday.
  • Due to some cringe-worthy brouhahas in the pageant, the crowd and Netizens have given mixed reactions on the said pageant. 

Philippines won for the first time in Miss Intercontinental, ending one of the longest droughts in an international beauty contest for the pageant-crazed country. Saturday’s pageant was the 47th edition of Miss Intercontinental and the Filipino-Australian Karen Gallman was crowned as the new queen.

Gallman is pushing for better education for poor kids living in rural areas of the country. She received her crown from last year’s winner, Veronica Salas of Mexico.


During the show’s coronation night, some of the viewers noticeably caught sight of how the candidates almost slip when they sashay onstage.

Also, they were irritated to the loud and shrilly female emcee Serah Teshna who failed to pronounce Myanmar properly. Sadly, Miss Guatemala thought she was the one who won a special award, but had to step aside and give way to the real winner and had to settle for humiliation as a prize.



Did Miss Vietnam copy Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s Lava walk and gown?



It was in the preliminaries that some of the candidates fell victim on the marker that looked like a paper plate on the stage. Gallman was not exempted from almost falling due to the prone-to-accident marker.



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