Nerd response from the “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Wakim Regalado goes viral

  • The Gifted Go-Getter Ng Iloilo, Wakim, enters the Pinoy Big Brother house
  • Wakim is from a family of attorneys and an achiever in school
  • Before entering the house, he left a rather unique response that left the audience astounded

The “Gifted Go-Getter Ng Iloilo” Wakim has successfully entered the Pinoy Big Brother house. Before entering the house, he left something that people don’t hear every day.

As Wakim was entering the PBB house, Gonzaga asked, “What are the chances of you winning here in this competition?

The housemate from Iloilo replied, “This is just pure conjecture po. Pero we should differentiate probability and and possibility.

So, assuming that there are 64 competitors wherein there could only be one winner, then that could leave me with siguro 1.5625 possibility.

But not all possibilities have the same weight. So, the probability can change based on the external factors.

But you know what Toni, the fact that I’m here makes me feel like a winner.

And the fact that I can bring forth my advocacy makes me feel like a winner already.

Wakim’s response is now trending online:

Wakim is from a family of attorneys. He is an achiever in school and currently a freshman in Ateneo de Manila University.

Here’s some of the best reactions of the episode:



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