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‘The General’s Daughter’ scores even higher on 2nd day says NUTAM, Kantar Media

  • The primetime comeback of Angel Locsin courted a bigger audience on its second day
  • GMA Network relies on NUTAM for TV ratings
  • ABS-CBN subscribes to Kantar Media for their daily/monthly ratings data

After winning the ratings game on its pilot episode, Angel Locsin’s teleserye comeback, after a five year absence, got an even bigger audience on its second day based on the TV ratings released by Kantar Media and NUTAM.

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According to Kantar Media (ABS-CBN’s ratings provider), “The General’s Daughter” registered a nationwide rating of 35.1% on January 22 beating “Onanay” which only got 14.3%. The second day rating from Kantar Media is 1.1 point improvement over its pilot episode’s already impressive 34%.

Meanwhile on NUTAM (GMA Network’s ratings provider), the Kapamilya series recorded 17.2% on the second day, 1.3 point higher than its pilot episode with 15.9%. From 10.0% on Monday, “Onanay” was down to 9.5% on January 22.

Billed as the “biggest teleserye” of 2019, the story of “The General’s Daughter” revolves around Angel Locsin, who will play Rhian Bonifacio, the daughter of a respected military general who yearns for the love of her parents. She constantly proves herself to them so as to get the affection she deserves. Growing up, Rhian was led to believe that her biggest enemy are the De Leons.

To please her parents, she joins the military as a spy, and eventually infiltrates Marcial’s personal life. As she gets closer to Marcial and his family, Rhian also inches her way towards the truth that will redefine her life — her true father is Marcial, and Santiago only made her a pawn to kill his arch nemesis.

It was also a huge hit among netizens as the show earned praises and even topped the list of trending topics on Twitter on its first two days. Our resident TV reviewer also lauded the show’s “most diverting and compelling pilot.”

“There are glimmers of politically and culturally-significant motifs that seem to lurk beneath its surface, which makes this story of family, betrayal, and revenge, even more exciting.”


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