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TNT Boys explain disappointing performance at the PBA Opening

  • The TNT Boys sang the Lupang Hinirang at the PBA’s 44th Season Opening.
  • The three apologized and promised to be better next time.
  • Netizens had mixed reactions on Twitter.

Keifer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto and Francis Concepcion, collectively known as the TNT Boys, performed the Lupang Hinirang for the Philippine Basketball Association’s (PBA) 44th Season Opening at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan on Sunday, January 13.

TNT Boys apologized.

The three promised they will be better next time.

“Hey it’s okay friends! We practiced for this event. But we did what we were asked for the invocation last minute. We’re reading all your suggestions and we’ll be better next time! Much love 🥰🥰🥰”

Netizens react.

Netizens had mixed reactions on Twitter, expressing their dismay as well as support for the TNT Boys.

“For those bashing TNT Boys for their performance in PBA. Nobody’s perfect. Please read Mackie’s quote. This is the way a young boy thinks with a matured heart. Sometimes being a grown up doesn’t suits everybody.”

“Gotta say not impressed on TNT Boys’ performance tonight at the PBA opening.”

“Tnt boys that song choice wasn’t that good for you 3… but I’m still a fan”

“Daming nega comments sa TNT Boys. Nagkalat pala sila sa PBA Opening.”

“Ung tnt boys nag kalat parang dinnag practice”

“genagawa ng tnt boys sa pba opening????? nagsapawan sa lupang hinirang tas sobrang nagkalat + di alam lyrics ng sino ako (prayer)”

“Babawi yang tatlo. Kala niyo. Kakainin niyo pinagsasasabi niyo.”

“classmate kong basher: nanood ako kagabi pba, hindi natamaan nung isa sa tnt boys yung isang note. *flag ceremony* me: kitamo? ni hindi mo nga memorize Pambansang Awit, kung makabash ka tsk. “



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