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Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil break hearts in the first official teaser of “Alone/Together”

The first teaser for the new Blacksheep film, has all the feels of a devastating ‘hugot’ movie. Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil star in ‘Alone/Together‘, where blockbuster director, Antoinette Jadaone is the one directing it.

In the opening scene, Soberano’s character, Cristine, rushes through the stairs of Palma Hall in UP Diliman to ride a jeepney. She is joined byGil’s Raf in the next scene inside an Internet café where the two seemingly celebrate Cristine’s high grades.
A conversation between them while sitting in one Sunken’s benches, cuts through the next sequences.

Earlier this month, Liza and Enrique teased their fans by posting stills on their personal Instagram accounts.
While those shots are noticeably missing in the teaser, they somehow confirmed some interesting facts about the movie. In the film, Liza plays a determined UP Arts student who believes she can change the world.
Gusto ko lang baguhin ang mundo” she declares in that Sunken Garden scene, to which Raf replied with amused reaction, saying “Sigurado ka diyan?
From the vague clues, the mere tone the teaser bears, and the song they used (JM de Guzman’s version of the Rivermaya song, 214) it is not actually difficult to guess how painful this film is going to be. The last frame where the two are seen back at the Sunken Garden, presumably after years of not being together (or a fall out in their relationship, maybe), suggests that this may be a film about second chances, about how dreams of one crushes another’s love.
It’s a classic tale of two different people trying to work out a difficult relationship, and save themselves from the wrath of their own personal disasters.

Will this be LizQuen’s A Second Chance? ‘Starting Over Again’? We don’t know. All we know is that this is going to break hearts on February 13, and we’re sure as hell ready to be shattered on the eve of Valentine’s day.

Alone/Together’ opens nationwide on February 13.

Watch the official teaser, below.


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