“Worst, degrading him because he has a boyfriend?” Netizens disapprove the move to outing Tony Labrusca and his rumored boyfriend

  • Brandon Mendoza called out Tony Labrusca for disrespecting an Immigration Officer.
  • Netizen calls out Tony Labrusca for disrespecting Immigration Officers; reveals he has a boyfriend
  • Tony is a US citizen who used a Balik-Bayan visa.
  • Bureau of Immigration reminded the public on the scope of Balik-Bayan Privilege.

A Netizen named Brandon Mendoza called out Tony Labrusca for disrespecting Immigration Officer at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1.

In an earlier report, an Immigration Officer exposed Labrusca for shouting and cursing at their supervisor.

Tony is a US citizen who used a Balik-Bayan visa.

The Immigration Officer also expressed how he would shout that he was a celebrity.

Brandon told Tony to apologize.

Mendoza detailed how Labrusca didn’t even have the proper requirements.

“Dear Tony, you should apologize to the immigration officers and the supervisors you shouted  at earlier for giving you a 30 days visa. You don’t have a Philippine passport, you are not travelling with your Filipino parents and you don’t even have dual-citizenship papers to demand an RA6768 aka Balikbayan Status (1 year visa).”

Brandon noted that Tony doesn’t have a pass to disrespect anybody.

“You even made a scene and calling them idiots, cursing and yelling them. You are just a newbie celebrity and you don’t have a bitch pass to do that here, please bear in mind that being a celebrity is being a role mode. Hundreds of people (yes hundreds bc it happened during arrivals of 3 flights) witnessed the real you”

Mendoza hoped that Labrusca would be punished soon. He, then, revealed that Tony has a boyfriend who tried to pacify him.

“You should be thankful that they didn’t even barred you from entering the Philippines but don’t worry you’ll soon be rewarded of punishment. And bro, your boyfriend (opo may boyfriend sya sorry ladies) even tried to pacified you but you just ignored him.”

Sexuality a non-issue

Netizens are not happy for bringing up Tony’s sexuality on the issue.




Someone close to him shared a screencap of Tony’s reaction regarding the issue.

Chris Cahilig posted the screencap of the conversation on Twitter: “Talking to Tony Labrusca about the rumors on him that are circulating on social media. Napafrustrating how malicious netizens are. Norm na ang paniniwala sa chismis. #nakakainis #TonyLabrusca”

Brandon acknowledged Boom’s apology. 

Tony’s father, Boom Labrusca, apologized. Mendoza hoped Tony would be investigated soon.

“Buti pa Dad mo nag apologize in your behalf pero ikaw? tall and proud. You are even proud that you are working here but without proper visa? and you act like this? D bale, you will be investigated naman.”

“Lastly, this happened twice, may isang officer na binastos mo din during your departure and you were lucky that officer is very kind. Just an advice bro, fix your attitude, fly high but keep your feet on the ground, again you are just a noob celebrity.”

“You are shouting ” DONT YOU KNOW ME? IM A CELEBRITY!” ang sagot tuloy sayo ng isang passenger na nakisagot “Could you stop? We dont even know you!”

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Bureau of Immigration (BI) reminded the public on the scope of Balik-Bayan Privilege.

The BI Commissioner Jaime Morente reiterated the Republic Act No. 6768. According to the agency, the celebrity was furious at immigration for “giving him a hard time, despite him being a celebrity, with people wanting to take pictures with him.

“Under Republic Act No. 6768, the 1-year Balikbayan visa privilege is exclusively given to former Filipinos naturalized abroad, and their spouse and children who are travelling with them.”

Immigration Spokesperson Dana Krizia Sandoval clarified that because someone is of Filipino lineage doesn’t necessarily qualify for the Balik-Bayan Privilege.

“The privilege is for former Filipinos, and their immediate family members who are traveling with them only… If these family members are not traveling with the Filipino or former Filipino, they are not qualified for the one year visa free privilege.”



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