“I’ve said sorry a million times.” Karina Bautista admits her mistakes with ex-boyfriend

  • Karina Bautista of Pinoy Big Brother Otso admitted her mistakes with ex-boyfriend
  • She apologized for the things that she did during her stay in the Big Brother House
  • Karina is not yet ready to get into another relationship and can only offer friendship with Aljon Mendoza

TV host Boy Abunda asked Karina, during her interview in Tonight with Boy Abunda, about the important lesson she learned during her PBB journey. Karina said: “Learn from your mistakes Tito Boy, Yun pong nangyari, hindi ko po pinili yun. If I had the chance to choose, why would I choose something that would hurt me eventually in the end.”

Whilst in tears, she added: “Actually mahirap mag-sorry, and I’ve said sorry a million times.”

The emotion Karina, bursting in tears, added that she talked to her ex-boyfriend and to his family, ending their relationship with understanding rather than anger.

She feels bad about people saying that she doesn’t care about her boyfriend waiting for her outside. It hurts her more because she was aware about what’s happening and she might be confused but, she did not gave in.

“Iyong hindi ko daw inisip iyong boyfriend ko, which is wrong. Kasi inisip ko po kaya nung nasa loob ako, sinabi ko na, ‘Huwag na.’ I was conscious and I said I was wrong.”

She also said that it would be “disrespectful” and “unfair” to her ex-boyfriend, and that she would be acting “selfish.”

When Abunda asked her if she’s ready to get into another relationship, the young housemate detailed that, she’s not ready yet, and at the same time she wants to take things slow and think more about what happened.

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“It’s respect for myself na rin. I don’t really want to rush into things pa, lalo na ngayon na medyo magulo pa.”

At the age of fifteen, when her relationship started with her ex-boyfriend, Abunda asked who’s guiding them as things may be more complicated. She shared that her mother and grandmother constantly guide her.



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