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Alarming false information on TV: What really happened to Boyet in ‘My Special Tatay’?

  • GMA Afternoon Prime, ‘My Special Tatay’ is abuzz on social media
  • Who doesn’t know about the importance of appendix and what to do with it when damaged or raptured?
  • Medical misrepresentation becomes a mastery of some production people behind some Philippine TV series

In the 112th episode of GMA Afternoon Prime series, ‘My Special Tatay,’ Boyet played by Ken Chan suffered two gunshots. Based on the location of the blood stains during the scene the first shot was on the upper left chest near the heart and the second shot was at the lower rib area on the right side.

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If you’ll look at the video, it is very likely that the first shot might hit the heart and the second shot might hit the lower part of the right lungs or could be the right line of the liver, depending on the bullet’s trajectory .

However this scene made things a lot confusing and misleading from what has been shown during the scene.

Did you figure out what’s wrong about the doctor’s statement? Take a look as we highlight it for you.

“Tinamaan ng bala sa ribs at ‘appendix’ ang anak niyo.”

Was it part of Boyet, being special that his appendix is too near his lower rib area? Does he have other special medical condition? Are his body organs also distorted or dislocated?

The show must make it clear to the audience so the masses would understand more about his medical facts.

We all know that the human appendix is located somewhere the lower right area of the abdomen. For sure a lot of medical practitioners and even the ordinary viewers would be fussing about another medical misrepresentation on TV.

Media plays a vital role on delivering the right information to its viewers. It is their responsibility to provide factual information and honest information.

Another thing that is alarming was the doctor’s statement: “We have yet to explore kung, maisasalba pa namin ang appendix niya.”

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Generally we all know that the appendix can just be simply removed if damaged or raptured.

Why need to save the appendix? Was there a disconnect with the director, the writer and other members of the production team? This lack of coordination makes a lot of confusion.

First it misinformed millions of people, second it drags the credibility of the show and the Network as they hired and allowed incompetent individuals who cannot perform their job. If this will be shown and dubbed in other languages, this will also drag the reputation and integrity of the medical practitioners in the country.

A lot of hurtful consequences may happen in just a simple misrepresentation and misinformation. The doctor could have advised the relatives of the patient, that he needs to undergo some bone reconstruction procedure if the rib has been broken or damaged.

Also, why the condition of the heart or the lungs were not discussed?

In the clip, it clearly showed Boyet was shot near the heart area or could be in the left lungs area. It’s another question if they did it on purpose. Hopefully they would realize that Entertainment is not just about being trending on social media and about its rating. They must be very careful and responsible in delivering facts to the viewers.

Meanwhile, a lot of Netizens clicked to the bait of the show and reacted on social media.

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“Di ko rin nga magets kung bakit ung appendix ung gusto nila isalba. Eh for sure naman ako hndi un ung natamaan kay boyet. Sa dibdib sya nabaril eh 🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣”

“Paki ligtas po ang appendix kasing importante po ng puso yan!!!”

“Sana lahat sinasalba yung appendix.”

“They should have googled the functions of appendix- at least……apdo na lng sana hahaha!”

“Or spleen.. or liver.. or bowel.. they could have chosen any other organs except the appendix.. 😂”

“Ndi ko rin alam bakit nila gusto isave ang appendix ni Boyet.. 😞 #SaveBoyetsAppendix”


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