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‘Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko’ big revelation breaks Kris Bernal, Thea Tolentino, viewers’ hearts

  • ‘Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko’: A glimpse of same sex marriage in the Philippines
  • Kris Bernal, Thea Tolentino delivered good acting skills during the heated confrontations

What is the one rule in good relationships and marriages?

It is to be honest with the one we love, even if it will hurt their feelings! In that way, one doesn’t need to pretend to be someone they are not on the first place.

If someone truly loves us, they will accept our flaws and our shortcomings, in spite of and despite of these.

This rule applies to Episode 108 of ‘Asawa ko, Karibal ko,’ a drama series broadcasted by the GMA Network. This episode brought us to a state of shock and disbelief upon knowing that transgender marriages is possible on Philippine TV; when it is extremely divisive in our society, regarding this sensitive issue.

But this is not the only case. Gavin, the lucky groom (Rayver Cruz), has no knowledge that Nathan (Jason Abalos), a gay man who felt unhappy and trapped, underwent sexual reassignment and face surgery and came back as Venus, (Thea Tolentino). The lucky girl who is about to marry Gavin is in fact a transgender that pretended to be a real woman.

Conflict arose as Rachel (Kris Bernal) arrived just in time to reveal the truth about Venus’ ultimate dark secret. Kudos to the staff and crew of “Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko” for coming up with the intense dramatic lines and scenes which made viewers glued to the story! This deserves a merit!

This sprouted to many undesirable realities and revelations: feelings of betrayal and mistrust, state of lust rather than love, and the feeling of being lied upon for his or her personal interests.

All these happened because Venus did not tell the truth about his true self.

I agree with what Rachel (Bernal) said, it’s not a mistake to be a woman. We all have rights, but I hope Venus did not lie about being a transwoman. But she let herself be consumed with the idea of compromising the truth and her principles just to get the love she always wanted. Her idea of love created a monster inside of her and it blinded her of what true love is all about.

Netizens react

Taking the side of the LGBTQ community, it’s too difficult to find someone to love you for who you are. And when they finally meet someone, it sometimes compels them to be in desperation. Just for them to be accepted and loved, they will have to tell lies (lies not specifically similar to what Venus did) just to keep the person they love.

My take away is simple: Always be truthful, be humble, and don’t lie. I hope that all transgender people could live in the lightness that comes with confidence in who they truly are.


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