Bring Good Fortune to your Doorsteps

  • Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar.
  • Many people celebrate this by upholding traditions that are believed to usher in the new year with good fortune.

With Lalamove, celebrating this holiday can be more festive and convenient! Here’s how you can bring good fortune to your doorsteps this coming Year of the Pig.

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Like any other holiday, Chinese New Year is best celebrated with your loved ones. Family members are reunited and gathered around the dinner table to eat delicious and symbolic food such as steamed fish, dumplings, and pancit. This tradition stems from the fact that the Chinese word for fish sounds like the word “profit” or “surplus,” and the shape of dumplings are reminiscent of the gold ingots in ancient China. Pancit, or any type of noodles, are eaten for longer lives. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to cook homemade meals. Instead, you can deliver your food with Lalamove’s free insulated box right to your doorstep.

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Another tradition is gift giving. People usually give treats like tikoy or fruits like mandarin oranges or tangerines to their loved ones due to their round shape which is associated with unity or fullness, and their color that is close to gold, which symbolizes wealth. But the most famous gift is the red envelope called ang pao that is filled with money. Giving your loved ones lucky money wrapped in red paper is comparable to giving them happiness and blessings. Let Lalamove help you wish your family and friends a happy and lucky Chinese New Year with our cash handling and multi-stop feature.

What are you waiting for? Let Lalamove help you usher a lucky new year to you and your loved ones by booking a driver to deliver to your doorstep.



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