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‘Daddy’s Gurl’ director Chris Martinez ended speculations about Alden Richards’ guesting on ‘Daddy’s Gurl’

  • A lot of fans made their speculations about the reason why Alden Richards is not guesting on the Saturday night show of Maine Mendoza, ‘Daddy’s Gurl’
  • Issues have sprouted that Maine has been paired with different actors, but not with Alden Richards
  • On the recent post of Chris Martinez, the director of ‘Daddy’s Gurl,’ he shared a screen shot of his conversation with the show’s writer pertaining to the upcoming guesting of Alden on the show

The avid AlDub fans have been requesting to see Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards on the Saturday night show, ‘Daddy’s Gurl.’ Speculations sprouted that one way or another, someone doesn’t want to make it happen for some reason.

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Recently, the director of the show, Chris Martinez, ended the speculations about the guesting of Alden on the said show.

In his Instagram post, he shared a screenshot of a conversation, pertaining to guesting and captioned it: “Enough of all speculations na ayaw ni ganito, ayaw ni ganyan. Walang ganun. Okay? I am just so thankful – it’s happening sooner than you think. (Screencap is my convo with our super writer Robin Sison.) #daddysgurl”

Of course, a lot of avid fans were on the watch for the most awaited TV guesting. The post gained a lot of good and positive feedback from the fans expressing their gratitude, as their wish was about to happen.


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