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Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez, Aljur Abrenica show support to Kylie Padilla after ‘TODA One I Love’ premiere

  • Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla congratulated Kylie Padilla after watching the pilot episode of ‘TODA on I Love’
  • Aljur Abrenica fully supports his wife’s new show but also reacted to some scenes of Kylie with Ruru Madrid
  • Netizens talked about the pilot episode of ‘TODA One I Love’ on social media
  • The KyRu tandem has its own solid fan base

Fans and netizens celebrated the show’s victory on social media.

A lot of fans, netizens, and the people closest to Kylie Padilla’s heart showed their support as the GMA Telebabad show ‘TODA One I Love’ premiered. The viewers warmly welcomed the show as they talked about it online.

Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla showed their support for Kylie, as the couple congratulated her on the pilot episode of ‘TODA One I Love.’ In an Instagram post, Mariel messaged, “Congratulations on your pilot episode of TODA ONE I LOVE!!! @kylienicolepadilla from Queen Amihan to Reyna ng Toda 👑 go kick ass Gelay!!!”

Robin Padilla proudly reposted Mariel’s post on Instagram.

In a video, it was seen that Aljur Abrenica was also watching his wife’s show on TV. Of course, he wanted to show his support for his wife. But as it went, he witnessed the ‘kilig’ moments of Kylie and Ruru Madrid and his reaction was epic and hilarious.

It is undeniable that the tandem of Kylie and Ruru, known as “KyRu,” has its own group of fans and most of them are excited to see them again on screen.

“Can’t wait to see Kylie&Ruru tandem after Encantadia #TODAUnangPasada”

“Can’t wait for the world premiere today! Eto na talaga. KyRu is back on Telebabad! #TODAUnangPasada”

“Excited na 😍 #TODAUnangPasada @Rurumadrid8 @RuruNaticsPH”

“I’m a bit sad cuz I can’t wait na to watch TODA One I Love kaso it’s later in the evening pa. Wait wait wait na lang si ako. @Rurumadrid8 @kylienicolep @davidlicauco #TODAOneILove #TODAUnangPasada #KyRu”

While some netizens expressed how much they like the the tandem’s performance. “Script so far is A+! No forced comedy—probably because of superb acting and delivery as well! #TODAUnangPasada”

“KyRu is still da best @Rurumadrid8 @RuruNaticsPH #TODAUnangPasada”

“I never thought these two could pull of a Rom-Com. But they are nailing it!!! Natural naman di naman sila pilit. Love it! 💙🧡 @kylienicolep  @Rurumadrid8 #TODAUnangPasada”

While the fans and the netizens celebrated its victory, the pilot episode becomes a hit on social media. “1st spot at Philippines trends #TODAUnangPasada @Rurumadrid8 @kylienicolep @gmanetwork @ArtistCenter”

“Top spot beshies!!! Enjoy! Eto na. Sa atin to!!!”

“Currently on spot 37 on Nationwide Trends via Echofon.💛 and still spot 1 on Tailored Trends. #TODAUnangPasada”


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