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Is Tony Labrusca the actor who made an indecent offer to Nathan Madrigal?

  • Netizens claim that Tony Labrusca was the hunk actor who made the indecent offer to Nathan Madrigal
  • Tony’s mother Angel Jones hits back over the netizens’ speculations
  • Who could be the hunk actor that Nathan was referring to?

Recently, model Nathan Madrigal had netizens guessing who the hunk actor he was referring to in his interview with Mr. Fu’s Youtube channel, WTFu! With much speculations going through their minds, they thought about Tony Labrusca, who was rumored to be gay.

He was previously involved in a controversy when a netizen claimed about the actor being with his “boyfriend” during the NAIA incident.

During Nathan’s interview, he was all out when he mentioned about receiving an indecent offer from a well-known actor/model.  He shared that he often meets and sees this hunk actor at the ABS-CBN station.

Nathan stated that the actor approached him, and later asked him to do something and for them to do “it.”

On February 11, Tony Labrusca posted a photo of him in grayscale on his Instagram account captioning it. ‘No flex lol’. In the photo, he flaunted his still perfectly shaped body that was very much ideal for his hunk image.

Netizens were rolling head over heels and feeling so amazed at his hotness; but still, there were some who jokingly criticized him of being a homosexual.

Said netizens flooded his comments section where they accused him of being the hunk actor that Nathan Madrigal was talking about.

This issue caught his mother’s attention Angel Jones who’s also a model that she posted a statement in her Twitter account saying, ‘My son lives in a house with his mother NOT A CONDO.’

Clarifying that the actor that they were speculating about is not her son Tony for he lives with her and not in a condo.

Tony, on the other hand, did not mind the comments that were written in his post.

The actor Tony Labrusca got his big break in the iWanTv film ‘Glorious’ that he co-starred with Angel Aquino.


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