Kathryn Bernardo clarifies issue on unfollowing Daniel Padilla on Instagram

  • Daniel Padilla unfollows and follows back Kathryn Bernardo on Instagram
  • The actress clarified that there’s no issue and she just accidentally blocked her on-screen and real-life boyfriend
  • KathNiel became the center of controversy

Kapamilya’s most sought after loveteam, KathNiel, made the online platform abuzz after Daniel Padilla allegedly unfollowed his real-life girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo on Instagram.

The couple then again caught the attention of the netizens after being the center of controversy in previous months.

The couple was put in a hot seat after a proposal was allegedly made when they were in Japan. Kathryn denied this saying, “Hindi muna siguro. Open ako sa idea pero kailangan pa naming magtrabaho pareho at baka too young pa ngayon (ang magpakasal).”

Then again, an unfollow on IG prompted netizens to speculate and worried that the couple may be undergoing some disagreements.

Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla

Amidst the incident, Daniel Padilla then followed back Kathryn Bernardo. The actress also clarified in a video that it was just an unintentional move, that she just accidentally blocked him on Instagram, and that incident already happened last time when she also accidentally unfollowed Ria Atayde.

“Gosh kasi napindot ko yung block nun accidentally na hindi ko alam na pag napindot mo pala yung block, automatic mag-uunfollow-han kayo so hindi ko talaga yun intention. Hindi ko alam, si Ria (Atayde) din, ang dami ko na-unfollow na tao so walang problema. WALANG ISSUE.”

Different reactions then escalated in this post, some were happy that it was just an accident and some were still in doubt, questioning Kathryn’s move of blocking Daniel.

Despite all the incidents, KathNiel showed the netizens that they truly are staying strong.

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s ‘The Hows of Us’ is currently the highest-grossing Filipino film to date.



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