Andre Brouillete finally confesses to liking co-housemate Lou Yanong

  • Andre finally tells Lou he likes her over a romantic dinner date last February 19
  • Andre and Lou’s confessions in PBB Otso brought “kilig” to the viewers
  • Both Andre and Lou confesses that they liked each other

‘Pinoy Big Brother Otso’ housemates Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong finally confessed their real feelings for each other over an intimate dinner date on their 43rd day in the Big Brother house.

Their co-housemates and the netizens altogether felt the ‘kilig’ scene and are very happy that at last Andre was able to tell Lou his admiration for her.

In the previous days, Andre has been telling his co-housemates and Kuya about his true feelings for Lou and it was getting unstoppable as it grew more each passing day. Andre was obviously finding it hard to confess to Lou saying that he thinks there is a ‘perfect time’ for that. He may not be in a rush but he seemingly cannot contain his feelings anymore and he has to tell Lou already.

Time is gold, they won’t be staying in the house for a long time so might as well use up the remaining days and take the risk. Andre having successfully won his special task had a plan of having a romantic date with Lou, he then asked the help of his co-housemates about it.

After the preparations, Andre continued his mission to finally have the courage to tell Lou about his real feelings for her. And luckily Lou likes her back. Full of happiness, the two were all smiles and laughter as they both revealed their true feelings for each other.

Andre said, “I just want to be honest. And before I say anything, I just want to say I don’t need an answer or anything. I just want to tell you Lou, I really, really like you. And it’s been making me act a whole lot different lately.”

Lou unable to sink in the confession assumed that Andre is like that to every other woman saying, “that you feel that way towards every girl.”

Andre responded, “You are special. I mean that. I never met a girl like you. I’ve actually liked you for a long time. It feels good to say it. Lou, I like you.”

Lou feeling overwhelmed replied, “My heart is just so full right now. I like you, too. I do.”

Netizens as well expressed their love for the two, flooding the official video posted on Youtube with comments of happiness for both housemates.



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