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Teresa Loyzaga breaks her silence on depression of son Diego

  • Teresa Loyzaga expressed her thoughts regarding her son’s depression
  • Teresa was all out during a short talk about her son Diego
  • She is against bashers and will do everything to protect her son Diego and his brother

Kapuso actress Teresa Loyzaga finally spoke about her son Diego, who’s with the Kapamilya network, about the speculations on the depression that he went through. The celebrity mom had enough of the baseless rumors that have been spreading and decided to hit back on the netizens criticizing his son.

Diego was last seen in the ABS-CBN television series ‘Los Bastardos’ but his appearance was cut short – exiting from the series when his character met death – though the reason for this was not revealed.

The most recent update about Diego was that he was in Italy with his mother Teresa Loyzaga.

During the FDCP Ambassadors Night 2019, Teresa Loyzaga had a short talk with PEP and she conveyed a statement about their vacation. She expressed that Diego’s vacation in Italy was a way for him to appreciate his life of him being part of the showbiz industry.

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“Hindi ba, sabi kasi nila minsan na, ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ Maybe it’s a way na pati siya… to appreciate more what he has, to appreciate more yung pelikula natin, ang pelikulang Pilipino, ang industriya natin, ang bawat isa sa atin. Same goes for myself. Alam mo yung absence ko rin for a very long time, it makes me appreciate things more now.”

The actress was also asked if she was aware of Diego undergoing depression, she responded in saying that depression is more on how someone levels on his or her depression, “I think, depression in general, everyone has a certain depression in their own individuality. I’m depressed with as shallow as my cellulite. I’m depressed as a mom because of my stretch marks…It’s how you level your depression.”

She added, “I just lost a friend yesterday and… I yet have to know what the reason really is. But I was talking to her a few days before, we were laughing. What makes a person depressed, only they can tell, really.”

Teresa, as well, gave a piece of advice to her son whenever he is feeling depressed saying, “You know who you are. You are better than that. And look, you have lived so far in your life, you don’t need somebody to tell you who you are, what can you do or what you cannot do. And that’s not only my payo to my children, that’s my payo for me and, I think, that’s a good payo to everyone.”

“Don’t let anyone determine who and what you are.”

Teresa Loyzaga being a mother makes sure that she is always there for both of her sons, Diego, and his brother. Stressing that, as much as possible, she always makes herself available to them. And she will be there blocking those criticisms thrown at them.

“I have two sons, so it’s not limited just to him. I always make myself available for my children and that’s how it will always be.”

“Whether it’s Diego or whether it’s me, dahil marami ring nangba-bash sa ‘kin or kahit na kanino, people will always talk. Hindi ba, sabi nila, it’s their freedom, they can say what they want to say. It’s up to you how you want to take it—you want to take it constructively, you want to take it negatively, you want to use it to better yourself? And if you cannot take it, block them! Just as simple as that!”

Regarding the return of Diego to the showbiz industry, she, however, did not give a definite statement but just said, “I will not say anything with regards to that. I can only say watch out for what’s happening next. Abangan!”

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