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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Sahaya’

  • The World Premiere of ‘Sahaya’ happening tonight after ‘Kara Mia’
  • Epic-drama ‘Sahaya’ premieres March 18 on GMA Telebabad

GMA Network will once again bring you to a captivating adventure of ‘Sahaya’, a determined and special Badjao who rises above all difficult circumstances in life, beginning March 18, after ‘Kara Mia.’

Their epic-drama series is top-billed by one of this generation’s hottest loveteams; Bianca Umali and Miguel Tan Felix together with Kapuso leading man, Migo Adecer.

As we are about to dive into the enthralling world of this epic series, here’s 10 reasons why you should watch ‘Sahaya’.

  • Sheds spotlight on Badjao’s Culture and Heritage

The series, which aims to capture the richness of Philippine native culture through Bianca’s portrayal of Sahaya, sheds light on the Badjao community so we can have a better understanding of their unique culture.

  • A showcase of Badjao’s Traditional Attire

Have a glimpse of a richly colorful traditional clothing of the Badjao’s called the “Patadjong” often made by hand from traditional fabric, if you will watch the series starting tonight.

  • Cast and Crew’s careful research on the Badjao’s

GMA Network’s creative team went all the way to the province of “Tawi-Tawi” as preparations for the new epic series. GMA 7 also hired consultants and recreated an entire set reminiscent of a real Badjao village in Calatagan, Batangas which will give the viewers an authentic visual of their tribe.

  • Different sides of the story

The new series will not only focus on one aspect of life. It will delve into the subject of love, family, education, including women empowerment.

  • Surprising Cinematography

Admit it or not, GMA Network is setting the bar even higher as it uses for the first time in history, a high definition cinema camera to create a clean, sharp and cinematic images to give the viewers world-class entertainment with this series.

  • Lead stars’ preparations for their roles

The Sahaya star considered her role as her most challenging project. She took diving lessons as the badjaos are a pro in diving. She also learned how to dance the Badjao way.  She and her co-star Miguel, had to learn the language of the Badjaos and had an actual immersion session with the actual Badjaos.

  • Joined by a pool of talented actors and actresses

Several big names are joining them in this series like Eric Quizon who plays Hubert, Zoren Legaspi as Harold, Mylene Dizon as Manisan, Pen Medina as Panglima Alari,Debra Liz as Babu, Ana Roces as Irene, Ashley Ortega as Lindsay and Ms. Snooky Serna as Salida. Get to know them more as you watch Sahaya.

  • Cameo Roles

Playing very special roles in the pilot week are Benjamin Alves as Aratu, Salida’s son and Manissan’s husband; Gil Cuervas as the young Harold; Karl Medina as young Alari and Jasmine Curtis-Smith as the young Manisan.

  • BiGuel’s Promising Love Team

Their professionalism and exceptional acting talent was the key factor that makes their loveteam successful. According to Eric Quizon, “there’s something about their team-up that makes the people want to watch them.”

  • A beaming love triangle

Adding a twist to the story is Jordan, played by Migo, a city guy, who will compete with Ahmad for Sahaya’s love and attention.

Don’t miss the chance to watch the world premiere of  ‘Sahaya’ tonight on GMA Network!


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