Fans defended Alden Richards against netizen for not choosing the right time and place to have a selfie

  • Eat Bulaga! Dabarkads Alden  Richards was bashed by a Filipino fan in Israel
  • The basher claims that Alden is snobbish for she was not given attention
  • Fans of Aden Richards supported the actor and claimed that the basher has no right to criticize him for, in the first place, she was in the wrong timing

The whole ‘Eat Bulaga!’ Darbarkads family arrived at the Holy Land of Israel to have a taping of the show’s Lenten drama special. During their stay, they made some side trips as they explored the wonders of the country. Some OFW’s even spotted their presence and took the opportunity to have some photos with them.

However, one netizen named ‘joielicious’ was not happy on how the Pambansang bae Alden Richards acted. She pointed out that the actor was not approachable nor friendly, thus she was not able to take a selfie with him.

Unlike Maine Mendoza with whom she was captured in a photo with. But fans of the actor defended him as they think that the basher was not in the right place and time at that moment. Therefore she can’t blame Alden if he was not able to do a selfie with her.

The netizen posted in her Twitter account her sentiment on how she longed, as an AlDub fan, to finally meet and have a picture with her idols but unfortunately this was not granted. Attached in her post is a distant stolen photo of Alden Richards.

“Kung alam nyo lang kung pano ako manginig at kabahan nong makita ko kayo at kung pano ako magdasal sa wailing wall kahapon na sana igrant nya wish ko..kaya lang kahit pansin lang po sana or just a smile will do,di na lang as an avid fan ng eb, kundi as kababayan.”

She added that his onscreen partner Maine Mendoza is more approachable and humble, unlike Alden who is being snobbish.

“Buti pa si mamang tour guide super friendly eh Israeli yon, ang tanong Bakit ganon? Except syempre kay meng na d ko man lang nakitaan ng yabang or yong Tulad ng iba lagpasan ang tingin..ngiti lang ang tanging maibigay pinagdamot pa #DADDSYGURLBlindDate”

“Glad I had a chance to be with them today..prayed super hard sa wailing wall and answered prayer agad agad.. Guys I want to share with you something.. Meng is super sweet down to earth and sobrang bait niya.”

Netizens then poured out their support on Alden Richards, as they defended his side on this critic/netizen. Many stated that the basher was not in the right place to ask for a selfie, as the actor together with his Dabarkads, were inside a church in Israel attending mass.

Therefore, asking of photo ops should be done before or after the mass and not during the solemnity of the ceremony.



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