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Andre Brouillette, Lou Yanong, Fumiya Sankai, and YamYam Gucong complete the second batch of ‘PBB Otso’ Big 4

  • LouDre, FumiYam complete second batch of ‘Pinoy Big Brother Otso’ Big 4
  • Andre Brouillette, Lou Yanong, Fumiya Sankai, and YamYam Gucong was named second batch Big 4 of ‘Pinoy Big Brother Otso’

LouDre and FumiYam the tandems that popularly formed inside the ‘Pinoy Big Brother Otso’ house completed the second batch of Big 4 finalists of the reality show’s ongoing season.

Andre Brouillette, Lou Yanong, Fumiya Sankai, and YamYam Gucong were announced as the Big 4 on the Wednesday, March 28, episode of the ABS-CBN series. With the back-to-back pairing, the final six house mates were trimmed into four.

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Andre Brouillette’s mother is a Filipina born in Palawan and his father came from Hawaii. He also has a sister. He became a model in Japan but moved to the Philippines to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor; Lou Yanong, the ‘Rampa Sister Ng Mandaluyong’ is a professional model and lives independently with the help of her 2 sisters; Fumiya Sankai, tagged as ‘Ang Konichi-Wonder Blogger ng Japan,’ lives independently, too. He also has 2 brothers. The reason why he joined ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ is because he loves the Philippines; and the ‘Iskolit Boy ng Bohol,’ YamYam Gucong’s reason why he joined the competition is to help his family. Knowingly, they are a poor family.

Kuya Big Brother said to them that “Your braveness, trust in self, and by showing worth to your friendship is the reason why you deserve to be my Big Four.”

Many netizens became happy because, they said, they really deserve to be part of the slots. In fact, the four had courted a fan base, dubbed team LAYF, after their initials that made them safe from eviction.

As remembered, the tandem FumiYam, as a comedy duo, contributed a big dose of enjoyment to netizens; and the LouDre pair, whose love story blossomed inside the PBB house, led them to be safe from eviction.

This adult big four is the second batch, after the previous teen edition produced Jelai Pilones, Kaori Oinoma, Karina Bautista, and Lie Reposposa.
The batch winners will form a final set of big 4, who will then return inside the house for one last round of public voting.


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