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‘Hiram na Anak’ needs to borrow more luck in getting more viewership against its rival ‘Playhouse’

  • ‘Hiram na Anak’ spotlights on parent’s loves, selflessness and willing to go far for the sake of their child.
  • The pilot episode concluded after Miren and Benjo’s paths have crossed in the hallway of a hospital while Adrian met Benjo at the parking lot.
  • The Kapuso newest daytime drama series earned 6.7% lower than the Kapamilya daytime drama series.

The GMA Network newest daytime series ‘Hiram Anak’ started just fine on its pilot week. Yasmien Kurdi and Dion Ignacio star this series together with Paolo Contis and Lauren Young. The first time that Kurdi and Ignacio were paired was in a series titled ‘Saan Darating ang Umaga?’

Yasmien is Miren a simple, kind and loving woman who works as a midwife while Dion, is a faithful gentleman and Miren’s one great love. Paolo Contis is Benjo, a street-smart and arrogant former seafarer and Young as Dessa is a strong-willed woman who never cease to be angry toward her parents. Empress Shuck is also in the cast, playing a very special role, a saleslady of a department store who falls for Benjo.

‘Hiram na Anak’ is tackles about parent’s loves, selflessness and willing to go far for the sake of their child.

The Pilot Episode.

The series’ pilot episode began with a flashback of Empress Schuck‘s character as Wena as she rode in a tricycle, weeping over her partner Benjo. Wena is still in denial about the news she received via a phone call from Benjo’s agency and confirmed the the latter failed to work overseas. Benjo’s aunt then revealed to Wena that her nephew has been cheating on her for a quite time. Wena who gave her full trust to Benjo and she couldn’t imagine that the guy left her since she was pregnant with the man’s child. She went to the location tipped by Benjo’s aunt to confirm on the credibility of the story she got. She saw her partner Benjo and Dessa being sweet toward each other. This made her create a scene and Benjo hit hit her before leaving.

Fast forward to focus to Adrian, busy adjusting the volume of his stereo of his car and made him not aware of the pregnant Wena crossing the street and bumped her. Adrian rushed her to the nearest hospital. Benjo received a voice call from the hospital informing him about Wena’s giving birth. When Wena saw Benjo arriving in the hosital, she went violent and the doctors mentioned that her reaction is but normal due to post-partum trauma. This was then the perfect time when a midwife Miren played by Kurdi to appear in the scene as she was assisting a midwife in one of the delivery room. Miren is frustrated and sad about her baby’s death due to an unsuccessful operation. The other midwife comforted her. After the encounter with Wena, Adrian paid Miren a visit at the clinic. When he arrived he gave Miren a bouquet of flowers and suddenly knelt down and proposed to her.

The pilot episode ended after Miren and Benjo‘s paths crossed in the hallway of the hospital while Adrian met Benjo at the parking lot.

How did this pilot episode fare?

According to Kantar National TV Ratings (Urban + Rural) on February 25, the new series earned 8.6% in viewership. However, its rival ‘Playhouse’ (which is only three weeks away from its finale), still earned 15.3%. The Kapuso newest daytime drama earned 6.7 lower than the Kapamilya daytime drama series with Angelica Panganiban and Zanjoe Marudo as lead stars.

NUTAM (Selected Urban areas only) data on February 25 also shows ‘Hiram na Anak’ getting only 5.4% rating while its rival ‘Playhouse’ scored 7.1%.

‘Hiram na Anak’ needs to double time its effort in promoting the series.


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