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“Bakit ako aamin ng hindi totoo?” Jessy Mendiola addresses Boyfriend-Stealer issue

  • Jessy Mendiola is one of the most bashed entertainment celebrities on social media.
  • No matter how bashers hate her, she’s still alive and she’d like to believe that there are still people who believe and support her.
  • In her recent vlog, she calmly responded to the hate comments on her social media.
  • Instead of getting pissed, she shared her positive thoughts about the comments.
  • She also shared advise to some of her fans as she responded to their comments on Instagram.

On a vlog uploaded in YouTube on March 7, the ABS-CBN star, Jessy Mendiola answered the mean comments of her bashers. She was cooking a Filipino dish, Tinola in the video and at the same time responding to the negative comments on her social media.

The comments are a mixture of body shaming and disrespectful comments toward her. Instead of being affected with all the negative thoughts thrown at her, she chose to politely and calmly respond to them. Given her ‘attitude’, she showed that she’s a strong woman and can stand against cyber bullying. Aside from that her values are intact and no amount of negative words can bring her down.

Going back to the vlog, a certain basher also said that she doesn’t deserve to be respected.

Mendiola explained her side and her take on the comment, “Syempre lahat ng tao, deserved nila ang respect. Kahit Ikaw, kahit Ikaw na nag mean comment nun or nag-bash nun, you deserved respect.”

Meanwhile, the teaser of the said vlog was also uploaded on Instagram, the highlights tackled about the size of her legs, which she also reacted on the vlog and also admitted that it is really big and she finds it as her asset.

She also explained that it was part of her being a Lebanese, who genetically possess prominent hips and legs.

A certain Netizen brought up the topic about the never-ending issue between Jessy and Angel Locsin. Locsin, was a former girlfriend of Luis Manzano.

The comment was about bashers waiting for her to admit that she’s the reason why the ex-couple broke-up.

Mendiola responded to the comment and pointed out that she doesn’t have to admit something that she never did.

She said that she answered the questions about it during her interviews, however it’s hard to please her bashers and they will never believe her. She stressed out to let it go as there’s no truth to the allegations.

She also gave her advise to the Netizen to let her bashers say what they want to say. At the end of the day it will always depend to them whether to believe her or not.

She also said to the a certain fan not to worry about her. She also shared that she’s in good hands at the same time she expressed her gratitude and wishing to meet the fan someday.


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