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“Nakakasama kayo ng feelings ah.” JK Labajo tells ABS-CBN

  • Young singer JK Labajo disclosed sentiments against the entertainment site PUSH of ABS-CBN Network
  • JK stated that the network was being biased and places only one side of the story
  • Labajo said that media tends to put twists in stories to make it entertaining, resulting in giving out the wrong context

Former ‘The Voice Kids’ third placer JK Labajo called the attention of ABS-CBN, after posting a series of articles about him where he felt that he is being wrongly targeted for showing only one side of the story. He even commented on the photos used by the network where he thinks where unattractive.

JK was recently involved in an issue where he was cursing in front of a large crowd during a rock music festival. The incident was prompted when a particular audience member shouted Darren Espanto’s name instead of his. This stirred JK’s temper, knowing that he had a previous issue with Darren regarding an alleged ‘gayness’ tweet which circulated online.

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After the buzz online about his act, JK again caught the attention of the netizens after leaving series of controversial messages on his Instagram stories against ABS-CBN where he noticed the use of ‘low-resolutioned’ photos of him in its articles.

His message says, “Dear ABS-CBN, Napapansin ko lang. Kapag may article kayo na tungkol sakin whether it be good or bad one, palaging yung mga sobrang pangit na photos ko pinipili niyo. Yung tipong halos lahat ng ibang artista studio quality photos with the best lighting ang mga pinipili ninyo pero pagdating sakin puro yung mga pinaka low res na tipong 3310 ang gamit sa pagkuha. Matagal ko nang napapansin yan ABS. Madami naman akong solid na picture gusto niyo ko sa inyo PM niyo lang ako. Nakakasama kayo ng feelings ah.”

He even gave an example of the said photo post of ABS-CBN and left a message to also upload his stories to their articles.

Second, he cleared out one of the articles of PUSH which was about Teddy Corpuz’s reaction regarding his actions during his on-stage performance where it said that for Teddy what JK did was not professional and as an artist, he should still respect his audience.

JK didn’t like what the entertainment site did as according to him, he and Teddy talked and it was not what the singer wholly meant. He stated that there is always other sides of the story and before bashers react, they should first know the context.

He said, “So i talked to papi teddy just now and he told me his side of the story. Basically the media (is) doing their media voodoo shit again of asking you a question and then twisting your words.”

“so basically pinasama nila ang opinion ni papi teddy. Ginawan nila ng paraan para magkaroon ng connection ang sagot ni teddy sa issue ko. Teddy and i talked to each other and apologized to each other kasi dapat nagmamahalan ang rockers.”

He left a note to the media to also have some respect and not abuse an artist by questioning him on the wrong place.

“i know you media peeps are just doing your job of feeding all these chikas to pakialameros and pakialameras so that they have something to talk about… But i wish you guys would just give a little bit of respect to NOT ask a question regarding a different topic to someone’s presscon promoting their movie.”

“and also guys moral lesson. There’s always two sides to a story. Or even three. Actually sometimes a lot. But anyways, before you do/say something always know the context. Don’t do what i just did”

He as well shared Teddy’s statement on clearing things out with him, which proved that the two are in good terms. “It was great talking to you brother to clear things out. Ang saya lang kasi hindi tayo natibag nang sistema. More power to your music brother! Let me treasure this day and our little conversation. Mabuhay ka brother and see you soon!.”

JK also clarified that what he did was not to be ‘pa-cool’ but it was rather just an instant reaction to his emotions. He said, “And also, I’m not trying to be ‘pa-cool’ with what I did. I never agreed on the thought that swearing makes someone cool. Although I don’t disagree as well. It’s just that what happened was an uncontrollable outburst of my pissed-of emotions, which then lead me to turn thy filters off and vocally share what I had in my current state of mind.”

He added, “Well, anyways guys maraming salamat sa pagsubay-bay sa ating episode for today. Stop nako kasi baka sabihin ni ABS “see you in court” nako po.”

He continued in a later note that he does not really like the entertainment site PUSH of ABS-CBN for he believes that it has been very biased.
“pero side note talagang matagal ko nang di gusto yang Push na yan. Biased bullshit dapat name niyo. Mga kupal amp.”


Written by Rochelle Pamotongan

One who envisions a message and a connection with readers. She always feel that she can do better and that her best piece is yet to be written.

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