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Leila Alcasid explains herself on her mistaken attack on Elisse Joson

  • In 2017, Leila Alcasid came to the Philippines to pursue her music career.
  • Her debut album, Completely in Love gained positive reviews from the media.
  • Recently she posted on Twitter about the storyline of a good-looking guy being in love with a chubby girl[ and gained mixed comments from the Netizens.

Leila Alcasid is the eldest daughter of the singer-song writer Ogie Alcasid to 1994 Miss Universe Australia, Michelle van Eimeren. She was born in the Philippines until they decided to move back to Australia when she was five years old.

Recently, the young singer was on a hot seat as her deleted tweet was misinterpreted by the Netizens.

Leila moves back to the Philippines in 2017 to reconnect with her roots in the country and study the Filipino language. She was also waiting for her music career under the guidance of her father. Star Music made an official announcement that Leila signed up with the label in January 2018.

A month after her debut album was launched titled Completely in Love, which gained positive reviews from the press.

But she again made abuzz not about her music but on her recent tweet.

On the said post she said, “The hot guy falling for chubby/plain girl storyline is way too overdone attraction is subjective and should not be reduced to physical attributes alone how sucky!!!!!!!”

Netizens expressed how they felt about the post as they responded on the said tweet. They suspected that it was a direct attack to the female star who was recently played the character and that was Elisse Joson.

The storyline was from an episode of ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya.’

A day after her post, she apologised to the Netizens and to the people she offended with her post. She also made herself clear that her comment is about the storyline and not the people involved in the said episode.

She also shared that she personally struggles on her self confidence and her own body.

“Hi 🙂 Just a comment on my previous tweet for anyone who was offended 🙂

Lastly, she thanked the people who corrected her to be careful in using social media.

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