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Maymay Entrata’s controversial ‘MMK’ episode breaches 1 million tweets despite getting initial flak

  • Maymay Entrata’s second MMK appearance received numerous reactions for assuming a minority beauty queen.
  • The episode earlier prompted some viewers to react on the entertainment industry’s lack of diversity when it comes to actors.
  • ‘Blackface’ in the American context is not the same as painting a person with ‘black makeup’.

Earlier this week, Maymay Entrata‘s ‘MMK’ episode already met and received flak for doing “blackface” makeup or artificially darkening a skin color to portray a specific type of role like an Aeta.


While the Aeta beauty queen Judith Manap and her family were excited on how the actors will play their characters on national television, some Netizens criticized the darkened skin tones of the cast while others called out ABS-CBN to cast real Aeta actors. Since then, the episode has its polarized viewers.

Judith Manap is the viral Aeta Beauty Queen from Mariveles, Bataan, who won Mutya ng Biaan and ranked 9th in Mutya ng Mariveles 2019. Entrata breathed into the lead role along with other actors like Mara Lopez and Mercedes Cabral.

While the story aims to portray an inspiring tale of confidence and determination, some Netizens still accused the program of cultural misrepresentation. But on Saturday night, upon watching the episode, the Netizens praised for the show’s attempt at representing the Aetas in mainstream TV. In fact, its official hashtag #MMKBusilakNaKorona was able to surpass one million tweets before the days ended.

The episode director John Lapus was happy to share the response of the show.

Entrata received positive reviews from viewers for a believable performance as an Aeta while some others thanked ‘MMK’ for giving Pinoy viewers this empowering episode.

An Aeta also took to twitter their gratitude for sharing Manap’s inspiring story to the world.

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