“One Great Love” reveals if “the one” is determined by destiny or dependability.

  • DALY CITY, Calif., March 18, 2019 — TFC at the Movies brings a movie that asks if destiny provides the viewer with their one great love or is that significant other somebody that one gets to choose for oneself.
  • One Great Love is about love, which remains to be one of the greatest mysteries up to this day. Falling in love with someone is one thing but staying in love with that person is another story.

The story revolves around Zyra Paez (Kim Chiu), a woman who has broken-up so many times with her boyfriend, Carl Mauricio (J.C. De Vera), and yet fate has them meeting each other repeatedly, under serendipitous circumstances, one might call it fate.

And then, there is Dr. Ian Arcano (Dennis Trillo), a doctor whom Zyra has just met, but proves to be a very dependable friend, ready with a shoulder to cry on and a good listening ear to absorb all of Zyra’s woes.

Ian falls in love with Zyra who is still strongly attracted to Carl by virtue of destiny’s way of putting them in each other’s paths every single time. But can Zyra be responsible for her life choices?

One Great Love is a Filipino love story directed by Eric Quizon, starring Kim ChiuJ. C. de Vera and Dennis Trillo. It was an official entry to the 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival last December, where Trillo won the Best Actor award for his performance in the movie.

“One Great Love” starts screening Friday, March 22, 2019 in theaters across the U.S. and Canada. Go to for alist of theaters in your area.


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