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‘The Clash’ finalist Jose Adornado, expelled from GMA Network after making a violation

  • The rising male singer Josh Adornado was withdrawn from the GMA Artists Center roster
  • He is totally removed and can no longer participate in any singing activity of the network
  • Josh lied behind his singing career with his talent management

One of GMA Network’s ‘The Clash’ finalist Josh Adornado got suddenly removed from the network, after the talent management found out that he violated one of the conditions under his contract.

The rising male singer himself revealed this sad news in his Instagram account, sharing with his fans that he is no longer connected with GMA Network. In the post, he expressed his sincerest apologies and gratitude to everyone who believed in him and supported him throughout his singing career in the music industry.

Josh has been missing on the Sunday musical show for a week and this triggered fans to question and speculate on his whereabouts.

Josh Adornado has provided great potential in his rising career because aside from his great voice, he also has the celebrity looks. This is proof that he can possibly climb his way up and make a name for himself in the music industry. But this possibility has suddenly crashed as he had been dishonest. And this made him expelled from the GMA Network management roster.

It was known that Josh violated a condition in his contract, where, before joining the management team, he should not have any personal manager. But later, the talent was discovered to be lying. Even before even joining the show, he already had a manager. It can be recalled that in October 2018, Josh was one of the ‘The Clash’ alumni who signed an exclusive contract with the GMA Artist Center, the talent management arm of the Kapuso Network.

This discovery made the management to expel Josh from the industry where he can no longer participate, even as guest performer in the series of concerts of Christian Bautista and Julie Anne San Jose.

In his Instagram post, he admitted his mistake saying that he is yet ‘inexperienced’ when he joined his career.

He stated, “Hi guys. The past weeks have been very rough for me. I know many of you have wondered and asked why I haven’t been posting or replying to your messages. And now some of you are asking why I’m not in Studio 7. The short answer is I’ve lost everything I had with GMA because of a mistake I made due to my inexperience. It really is a long story, and my inexperience is only one part of it but I don’t know really know how to explain it so this is all I’ll say about this.”

He also said that he is greatly devasted about what happened in the span of his career.

“If you know me, then you know that to me this kind of loss is devastating. My job has been my life. It was my absolute EVERYTHING. I’ve left Manila for a while just to try to recover and spend time with family. It’s not something I can easily get over, to be honest.”

In the end, Josh expressed that he will slowly move on and learn from this.

“But of course there’s nothing else to do but to move on. And that’s what I’m trying to do, one day at a time. I hope to, somehow, still pursue what I love to do. I’m grateful to everyone who have sent me messages of support. It means a lot to me. To my beautiful and wonderful ADORABLES, I love you all so much. Thank you for all your guys’ love. I will make you all proud soon. And I hope that you will continue to accompany me on my journey. God has a plan and I’m always on to his plans.”

“P.S: to my friends that turned into family in GMA, thank you for everything .

“I love you all so much and my heart will forever be grateful.”

As of the meantime there have been no further statements from his co-clashers and the network.


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