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The final episode of ‘Onanay’ was trending online!

  • ‘Onanay’ caught massive attention on its final episode as it trended on the online world
  • The show earned the number one spot, as the Philippines’ most trending topic on Twitter
  • The drama series was succeeded by ‘Sahaya,’ a Badjao-themed story

On March 15 (Friday), the Kapuso network family drama series Onanay aired its final episode, creating a trend online as it was dubbed with the hashtag, #OnanayFinale. Netizens were so caught in the zone that they flooded their social media accounts with praises on how the series’ storyline made an impact on them, and also on how the actors amazingly portrayed their given characters.

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In the last episode of Onanay, Lucas(Wendell Ramos) fulfills his promise to Onay (Jo Berry), when he returned Mailan (Mikee Quintos) and Natalie (Kate Valdez), before entering prison. Also, the episode showed Helena’s (Cherie Gil) love for Natalie when she sacrificed by catching the bullet from Vince’s (Marco Alcaraz) gunshot, just so she could protect Natalie. Despite the tragedies that happened, Onay still found in her heart to forgive Lucas and later continued their love story, as they exchanged their vows on their wedding day.

Various netizens expressed their mixed reactions toward the series. Some were happy that, finally, they were able to watch a storyline that’s worth watching, while some were sad as they felt that Onanay ended too soon; as they would have wanted to see more of the show.

With these reactions, the final episode of ‘Onanay’ trended on the online world, making it the top 1 most tweeted topic in Philippine trends, using the hashtag #OnanayFinale.

Many also praised the talents of the actors stating that the act showcased really deserves an award. Especially to Jo Berry, Cherie Gil and Wendell Ramos when the final episode was centered on them.


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