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AlDub fans call Christine Bersola-Babao “plastic” as she expressed support for the real-life couple ArMaine

  • Devastated AlDub fans are still unstoppable on bashing
  • Now that Maine and Arjo are together, the avid fans are also divided on pursuing what they want on supporting Maine’s personal decision
  • Tintin Bersola-Babao also known as NinangDub also expressed her support on Maine’s decision
  • Even Tintin did not escape the unruly bashers
  • Some AlDub fans accused her of changing heart towards the love team after expressing her support to ArDub

It is known to many AlDub fans that Tintin Bersola-Babao is an avid AlDub fan.

In fact, she was known as NinangDub when she attended one of the important episodes of the Kalyeserye in GMA Network’s ‘Eat Bulaga!’

In her birthday greeting to Maine Mendoza on Twitter, some of hopeful AlDub fans replied to her tweet asking how she feels about Arjo and Maine being together.

While on Instagram, both Arjo Atayde and Christine Bersola-Babao are following each other.

On the birthday greetings of Arjo to Maine on Instagram, he shared a photo of them happy together. The said post gained support from a lot of celebrities and netizens. Of course, as a fan, Tintin also commented on the post.

It is good to know that there are avid fans who are happy about their idol’s decisions and supports her on whatever she wants to do.

Like Tintin Bersola, she’s happy about the personal decision of Maine Mendoza. Meanwhile, there are some avid AlDub fans who felt betrayed over what happened.

The minds that cannot process and differentiate work from real life are the people who has been consumed by the system and can’t get away from it.

Even the fans are now divided and argue with one another, as they still want to express their support on Mendoza.

Some netizens also exchanged comments as they wanted to defend each other’s side.

Christine’s comment instantly became a word war thread from Alden and Maine’s fans.

On a personal note, it’s time to move on and be happy for them all. Let Maine Mendoza be happy with the man who makes her feel complete, special, and loved.

The on-screen tandem of AlDub might still work if fans would know how to respect each other’s boundaries, without hurtful words for any of the parties. Tintin, in fact, is just being supportive on what she believe is just and right.

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