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Andre Brouillette, Lou Yanong have no regrets kissing inside the ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ house

  • PBB Otso sweethearts Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong had no regrets about kissing inside the PBB house for they have learned something from it
  • LouDre declares that what’s important is the learning that they got from the kissing incident
  • Andre stated that though he was saving his kiss for Lou, he did not regret kissing her that time

Two of Pinoy Big Brother Otso’s adult housemates, Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong, successfully made it to the Big Four, and not only were they successful in Kuya’s challenges but also in their relationship. Before the lovers exited the house, they made a big announcement as Lou finally said her yes to Andre.

This revelation made their fans excited and happy, as they would likely want to see how their relationship is going to blossom outside of Kuya’s house.

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After officially making it to the outside world, many are still curious about their big controversy, and that was their first kiss while being under the influence of alcohol.

In the press conference on April 03, they were asked regarding the kissing incident. Andre honestly stated that he should have waited for the right time to kiss Lou, for he takes this act as something special. But despite this, he did not regret kissing her for both of them learned from this.

“I believe the first kiss should be very special. That was definitely something that I wanted to save for when you’re boyfriend and girlfriend… Overall, I don’t regret that it happened because we learned so much from it and a lot of people learned from it as well.”

Lou, backing up Andre’s statement, said that decisions are to be thought twice before finally doing it, for there are a lot of factors that can be considered in decision making.

Hindi lang po siguro na-consider nung time na ‘yun, since we were intoxicated, na may mga batang nanonood. Na-realize na lang po namin the next day ‘yung mga choices namin. The decisions we make, we have to think about it twice.”

In addition, the LouDre loveteam also answered rumors regarding their tandem as scripted. Knowing about this, Lou directly answered, “[I think] it’s just something to laugh [about]. Because we do really love each other.”

Andre, on the other hand, expressed his true feelings for Lou as a reply to the critic. He emphasized that he is genuine in his feelings when he says that he loves Lou and he looks forward to building more of their relationship in the outside world.

“You know a lot of it is new for me. I’ve never felt these feelings before towards Lou. And everything that I’m doing is genuine. It’s not like there’s any script or anything. I actually do really, really mean it when I say I’ve never met any more wonderful girl like Lou.”

“I mean it when I said I absolutely love Lou. I care about her a lot. [We will make our relationship work] just by being honest with each other. I want to keep the honesty. That’s the foundation, I believe.”

“Now that we are on the outside, there are a lot of [other factors]. But [I will] not let any of that change who we are. Because inside the house, we don’t see the media. We were just ourselves. We don’t have an idea on what people think of us. That bond that we were able to make I believe will keep us going even outside.”


Written by Rochelle Pamotongan

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