Batch 6 of L’Oréal’s ‘Beauty For a Better Life” program officially graduates; L’Oréal’ to announces opening of new centers

  • 2019 marks the second year of the program with a total of 69 graduates
  • The program empowers women by honing their skills in the field of hairdressing, which could also turn as their livelihood
  • L’Oréal Philippines announced the opening of three new barangay centers in Antipolo, Taguig, and Pateros

In celebration of another successful year of Beauty For a Better Life, L’Oréal Philippines hosted a graduation ceremony event at the Renaissance Convention Center in Marikina City and announced the opening of three new training centers which marks a significant milestone for the program in the Philippines since it commenced last April 2017. L’Oréal’s Beauty For a Better Life is deployed in 30 countries with a mission to empower women in vulnerable social or economic situations by placing the heart and art of beauty at the forefront of the program by honing women’s skills in the field of hairdressing and providing them job and business opportunities to sustain their livelihood after completion of the program.

In the second year of the program, a total of 69 individuals from Batches 4 to 6 of Barangay Jesus Dela Peña in Marikina completed the program after undergoing daily hands-on classroom training sessions for three months where they were under the tutelage of L’Oréal trainers. Succeeding the training sessions is the mandatory one-week salon internship with L’Oréal’s partner salons to expose them to actual hairdressing roles and potentially expand their career options. Since the inauguration of the program in the country in 2017, 130 of the beneficiaries’ lives have been changed for the better, receiving career training and jobs or even their own businesses in the beauty sector.

“This day celebrates the accomplishments of all the women graduating today who have come so far. Beauty For a Better Life is about contributing to feeling and living better, and beyond today’s festivities we look forward to seeing how their lives – and those of their families – will change. Today we see graduates who have a renewed sense of self-confidence, dignity and motivation. Beauty For a Better Life is a step towards new opportunities and a testament to the power of education to provide a better future.  We believe in the power of beauty to change lives, and with Beauty For a Better Life we are able to expand the definition of beauty as a driver for social progress,” shared Carmel Valencia, L’Oréal Philippines Corporate Communications Manager.

Among the 69 aspiring hairdressers with great passion and determination to improve their livelihood and their families is Joan Mararac, Valedictorian of Bach 6 Class of 2019, who shared during her speech, “Lumaki ako sa Bicol City, at kakalipat lang naming ng Marikina para makatulong na guminhawa ang buhay ng pamilya ko. Noong narinig ko ang tungkol sa BFBL, naisip ko na baka hindi ito makatulong kasi hindi ako pamilyar sa hairdressing. Pero hiigit pa sa lahat ng natutunan ko, nagkaron ako ng bagong pamilya sa BFBL. Ang nawala ko sa sarili ko pati ang kumpayansa, lahat naibalik ng BFBL. Nakita ko kung paano pa pwede mangarap ulit, na meron pa kaming pagasa na umunlad. Wag natin isipin na goodbye na ito, ito pa lang ang simula. Simula pa lang ito ng tagumpay natin. Sana wag natin makalimutan na kahit ano mang problema ang dumating sa atin, may nakalaang solusyon para dito basta wag lang mawalan ng tiwala sa sarili.”

As L’Oréal Philippines looks to changing and improving the livelihood of even more Filipinos, Ms. Valencia shared that L’Oréal Philippines will continue to be a committed partner in working with communities to share beauty with all, and officially announced the opening of three new barangay centers in Barangay Bayong Nayon 1 in Antipolo, Barangay Western Bicutan in Taguig, and Barangay Sto. Rosario Kanluran in Pateros as part of aspiring to reach L’Oréal’s mission of training and supporting a total of 1,000 graduates with a thousand better futures by 2022 in the Philippines.

“The opening of the three new centers solidifies our commitment to share beauty with all. Not only is beauty our business, but it is also our commitment in empowering and arming women with the skills to a better future.  We want more Filipinos to have access to the right kind of livelihood support with the skills that use their interpersonal and creative abilities. At L’Oréal, we believe education serves as a bridge for a more inclusive society. Through beauty, we aim to lift lives in our own small way and teach a profession that can give joy to ourselves, families, and others,” shared Valencia.



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