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Did Edward Barber confirmed his romantic relationship with Maymay Entrata?

  • Edward Barber [somewhat] confirmed the real score between him and onscreen partner Maymay Entrata via iWant.
  • Barber answered a question with a ‘yes’ when Maymay was referred to as his girlfriend.
  • He shared that he is adjusting being away from Maymay; the latter is currently taping in Hong Kong.

After the season of the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7, Maymay Entrata, the bubbly probinsyana and Edward Barber the quiet Filipino-British lad have been paired as onscreen sweethearts as they went on with their showbiz careers. Their tandem gained attention and love from Netizens as they’re dubbed as MayWard. As their loveteam grew their relationship also blossomed. This can be proven from their daily updates on their social media, where they can be seen intimate not only onscreen but even behind the spotlights.

Many have also witnessed how they care and appreciate each other’s company, making them the ideal friends. With their undeniable closeness, speculations surfaced that both have eyes for each other, but they just denied it. Despite this many still wished that they become a couple for life.

Finally, on April 16 that wish might have been granted as Barber surprisingly confirmed that Maymay is his girlfriend after he agreed to answer questions thrown at him.

During a recent episode on ABS-CBN’s streaming platform iWant ASAP, Edward together with Robi Domingo, Daniel Padilla, Donny Pangilinan, and Kyle Echarri had a conversation about missing loveteam partners. Most people are aware that Maymay is one of the cast members of the upcoming KathDen movie Hello, Love, Goodbye, and is currently filming in Hong Kong.

Barber being far from Entrata was asked about his current state, in response he said that he’s okay and is adjusting on his separation with his partner. The affirmative part was when he was asked by Domingo if it’s his first time to be away from his girlfriend, and the 18-year-old guy directly responded with ‘yes’.

Edward’s no-holds barred response, made the public insinuated that he is in a romantic relationship with Maymay. Netizens expressed their approval for the two.


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