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Family of Jim Paredes is affected by his scandalous controversy

  • One of the Paredes family members, Jim’s daughter Erica, took her sentiment in her social media account saying that people are becoming toxic
  • Erica made a decision to take a break from the online world as it no longer was fun as it did before
  • Erica also thanked some people who reached out to her family in times of these moments of challenge 

The Paredes family is greatly affected by the controversy when the man in their family, Jim Paredes, has been involved in a lewd video. This kind of controversy can definitely put a challenge to the person directly involved and the people he/she surrounds. That is why one of the Paredeses, his daughter Erica, has expressed her sentiment regarding the issue.

Erica took her sentiment by deciding to take a leave from social media for the meantime.

In her captured Instagram stories, Erica announced that she will be taking a break from social media for it already turned toxic and it was not as fun as it used to be anymore. But she made sure that this will only be in her personal accounts as she will still be posting updates about her cooking in her business account.

Despite the toxicity that their family is going through, she extends her gratitude to those who reached out, pouring some support and love to them. As a return, she assures that they are already dealing with it and hopes that soon everything will normalize.

Lastly, she added that though she is taking a break, she can still be reached by sending her a private message. She also left a note to the critics, to mind their own business and be nice, and instead of criticizing, why not post things that are beneficial to society.

The controversial video scandal of Jim Paredes targeted many critics, and two of those were columnist Lolit Solis and the comebacking actor Arnell Ignacio, whom he previously had a conflict with.

Jim Paredes is known to be a decent man. He was formerly a member of the APO Hiking Society and also a critic of the Duterte administration, but he shocked the online world after his lewd video was leaked. Days after, he admitted the scandalous controversy and apologized. And he stated that the video is private and is not intended for dissemination.


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