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“Idol Fever” finally comes to the Philippines!

  • ABS-CBN is the third network to produce the ‘Idol’ franchise in the Philippines
  • Compared to GMA Network’s ‘Pinoy Idol’ and ABC5’s ‘Philippine Idol,’ the premiere of ABS-CBN’s ‘Search for the Idol Philippines’ was successful
  • More and more people finds interest in watching the show
  • ‘Idol Fever’ is already taking over, making us more engaged to the show

Despite being the third network to hold ‘Idol’ in the Philippines, ABS-CBN’s ‘Search for the Idol Philippines’ debuted successfully among the three networks that attempted to produce the show.

And what’s more surprising, the show’s premiere was a hit! “Idol Fever” is already in the Philippines!

The first Philippine adaptation of ‘Idol’ was given by Fremantle Media to ABC 5 (now rebranded as TV5) in 2006. The show was titled ‘Philippine Idol.’ According to AGB Nielsen (Mega Manila only), the premiere of the said show fared with 7.7 percent. Against its rivals shows, ‘Philippine Idol’ got the lowest rating.

The second adaptation was ‘Pinoy Idol.’ Fremantle Media  has given the franchise to the GMA Network in 2007. According to AGB Nielsen (Mega Manila only), the pilot episode of ‘Pinoy Idol’ earned 16.3% rating.

The latest adaptation is the ‘Search for the Idol Philippines’ of ABS-CBN. The show’s premiere on April 21 was a hit with a rating of 30.6 % making it the no.1 weekend program according to Kantar Media (Urban + Rural Philippines). AGB Nielsen’s  NUTAM (Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement), on the other hand, also favored ‘Idol Philippines’ that recorded 12.7%, while ‘Studio 7′ got a rating of 7.1%.

The show even became the no.1 trending topic in the country and third worldwide.

If we compare the statistics from the previous franchise, the number (rating) is incredibly increasing. It only means that more and more viewers are engaging themselves into watching the show.

Viewers’ feedback

Whether it is due to the fact that people’s taste change as time goes by, or the fact that the show was produced by another network, ‘Idol’ fever is in the air and we can’t help but to keep track of every episode and witness how the singing aspirants fight for their dreams.


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