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Jessy Mendiola accepts that her skin-color is not fit for a ‘Darna’ role

  • Jessy Mendiola thinks that the Darna role should be given to someone who is morena
  • Jessy admitted that she is not fit to do the Filipino superheroine due to her fair skin color
  • Despite this, many of her fans still think that she can best play Darna

After the new Darna adaptation was made available, a series of names were given suggesting that they are the possible talents that can best portray Darna, and one of the listed talents was Jessy Mendiola.

However, Jessy thinks that someone who is morena should play the character, stating that this is to uplift the Filipino roots of Darna.

In the premiere night of her latest movie ‘Stranded,’ Jessy was asked about her reaction towards the recommendation of netizens for her to play as the next Darna. She admitted that her having a fair skin color cannot do such a role, so as a reply she thought that the Filipino superheroine Darna should be best portrayed by a morena woman to truly capture the essence of being a Filipino.

Para sa akin kasi, tingin ko mas bagay kung morena ang Darna. Kasi sa generation ngayon, hindi na nila kilala si Darna. Kapag tinanong mo ang mga bata, ‘sino si Darna?

“Feeling ko pag Pinay super heroine, morena dapat.

Though she thinks that she is not fitted to do the Darna role, she extended her gratitude to everyone who believed in her and wanted her to play the iconic superheroine, which is really a pleasure for an artist.

Jessy, on the other hand, added that she is already aware of the talents that were chosen to play in the Darna movie, and she mentioned that her leading man Arjo Atayde is one of them. But Arjo denied this by simply saying that he doesn’t know anything about it.

Despite Jessy favoring someone else for the character, many of her fans still think that she does have the needed Pinay looks to portray Darna.


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