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Jim Paredes breaks his silence on the viral lewd video

  • Jim Paredes, an OPM legend is involved in a scandalous video.
  • He speaks about his alleged lewd video.
  • The veteran singer-composer has broken his silence regarding his alleged “scandal video” that circulated on social media.

Veteran Original Pilipino Music (OPM) artist Jim Paredes is in hot water right now after his alleged video pleasuring himself in front of a camera has circulated on social media. The surfacing of such material is somewhat likened to a ‘fiesta’ on social media as his Paredes’s haters reposted and shared the screencaps of the video to make it viral on Facebook and on Twitter alike. In fact, his name made it to the trending topics this afternoon.

Jim is known for being an ally of former President Noynoy Aquino, and now as a critic of President Rodrigo Duterte. On Twitter, he bravely expressed his opinion on social media and how he scrutinized the politicians especially under the present administration.

Several Netizens criticized him for allegedly posing as a righteous person in of front of others but he is just hiding something. Some others are are giving the 67-year-old singer the benefit of the doubt. Some others are unhappy to see people feasting on scandals like this.

In line with the alleged viral video, Jim expressed his reaction. A Twitter user asked Jim, “Eh yung video mo, fake din? Sino sponsor mo?” where he replied, “Fake.”

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