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Kris Aquino temporarily shutdowns social media accounts

  • Kris Aquino temporarily signed off from social media
  • Kris Aquino revealed that she has been battling with chronic spontaneous urticaria
  • Kris Aquino wants to have a private life
  • Her complicated medical diagnosis is the reason why she decided to take a break

The former “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino has noticeably lied low from showbiz. She also has less TV commercials, making people curious as to her whereabouts.

Kris then admitted that she has been diagnosed with health problems.

In a Facebook Live Broadcast last January, Kris revealed that she is battling with chronic spontaneous urticaria- an auto-immune disease that causes red, itchy, and sometimes painful hives on the skin (a form of lupus).

Ang inamin ko po sa inyo was the chronic spontaneous urticaria and that is true. I did not want to specify, because my attorney told me na huwag ko sabihin iyong mga allergies kasi pinapadali mo for your enemies to kill you,” Kris stated.

She added, “But now I can tell you the truth, I’m allergic to every single medicine that can cure you or at least manage your symptoms kung may lupus ka. All my doctors are doing now is delaying it. They’re delaying the inevitable.”

Netizens have mixed reactions towards her revelation.

Some are rooting for her recovery while some are bashing her for always posting in Instagram about her health condition.

Instagram has become the storyteller of her day-to-day life.

But yesterday, the ‘Drama Queen’ (as dubbed by her trolls and bashers) announced that she will be taking a break from social media for the meantime in an Instagram post.

Kris left a not so long confession of her sentiments and struggles.

“a confession: i’m entering mine… for many months there was a NEED to prove: “they” (not just the enemies you became aware of, but so many others) didn’t break me… yet in the process of protecting myself, i wasn’t allowing myself to heal.”

She confessed that her complicated medical diagnosis depressed her, the reason why she decided to take a break.

“For so long, bashers and trolls labeled me a “drama queen” and for about a year-they’ve been right. This has been my best acting in my life: outwardly showing you that i was keeping it together, when deep inside i’ve been consumed by real depression, primarily because of my complicated medical diagnosis.”


She ended her confession with, “If you wish me well, sincerely, THANK YOU. If you are saying “thank you, good riddance”- YOU’RE WELCOME.”


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