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Is the FumiYam tandem the new comedy duo?

  • Two of ‘PBB Otso’s Big Four,’ Fumiya and Yamyam are hailed by netizens as the new Dolphy and Panchito for their wacky sides
  • The tandem of FumiYam caught the attention of many for their funny scenes which captured the hearts of viewers
  • Fumiya and Yamyam proved that language barriers can’t hinder a friendship

The known ‘Spiritual Brothers’ of Pinoy Big Brother Otso, Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong did not only successfully make their way to the Big Four, but managed to build a friendship that is undeniably unique.

Both are already naturally funny but when they get together, they bring more laughter and joy, especially to the people around them. With this kind of comedy happening about them, they were being compared to the Comedy King Dolphy at his sidekick, Panchito.

Back in the classic times, Dolphy and Panchito were the legendary comedians that built the pillars of comedy in the Philippine entertainment industry. They were the most admired and recognized duo that made many netizens laugh hard for their funny antics. Now Fumiya and Yamyam brought back the days of naturally funny duos to the television screens.

In a Star Hunt media conference on April 03, both Fumiya and Yamyam felt the honor of knowing that netizens took them as the current Dolphy and Panchito. Feeling amazed by the comparison, they were speechless and at the same time grateful for the privilege.

Fumiya amazed by the recognition said, “Talaga? I didn’t know that outside people think like that.”

The FumiYam duo captured many netizens hearts as they embodied how friendships are made. The outside world witnessed their journey inside the Big Brother house, and have seen the laughter and tears that the duo went through the competition, just to be able to get to where they are right now.

From the very beginning of their meet-up, they already made a connection, and they proved that language barriers do not hinder friendships. Indeed the FumiYam tandem is an inspiration to everyone.

Fumiya and Yamyam are two of the Big Four finalists, together with Andre Brouillette and Lou Yanong.


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