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Alden Richards to Kathryn Bernardo: “Sobrang dali pong pakisamahan, sobrang gaan katrabaho”

  • Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards team up for their first film together
  • AlDub and KathNiel Fans react to Kathryn and Alden’s pair up
  • Alden is praising Kathryn for being nice to be with when shooting
  • KathDen might be the next loveteam hit

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards is set to film for their first film together, ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’. The two took to Instagram to share the poster of their upcoming movie, which had fans going nuts in March.

It will also be their first big project without their usual love team partners, Maine Mendoza and Daniel Padilla, and fans are even starting to coin them as ‘KathDen.’

The Philippines largest networks are backing up their own stars and the Kapamilya and Kapuso camps are showing their full and undivided support for the two.

But wait, how will AlDub and KathNiel loyal fans react? How are they taking this fact?

Their fans are avid loyalists of their respective pairings, some stubbornly wanting their idols to stay together for some onscreen romance and some others, thinking their love team of choice should reign supreme.

‘Hello Love Goodbye’ is that it features the story of young Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Hong Kong. Kathryn and Alden flew to Hongkong last April 8, 2019 for the shooting. They will stay there for atleast a month until the shooting is complete.

Just how well this new love team pacing up?

According to Alden, “Everything feels light when shooting with Kathryn. I always look forward for those shooting days.”

It seems that Kathryn is such a darling for Alden and they both had great time together as first time loveteam. Alden also gave justice to the treatment given him by Star Cinema.

“They don’t let me feel I am from a different network”, Alden said. “It’s super happy; from the director, the staff, from co-stars to crew. We are solid. I think working with a small group and outside the country has some advantages after all.”

Alden could not wait until the shooting is done and for the movie to be out on big screen. “Im excited to let them see our movie since this movie will be anchored on the modern-day Overseas Filipino Workers,” Richards recalled.


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