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Chito Miranda still issues apology on Twitter despite being ‘awkward’ toward those who never acknowledge his move

  • Chito  Miranda, frontman of the 90’s band Parokya Ni Edgar apologized to people he offended via twitter.
  • Miranda also defined what ‘batang 90s’ means and who they were back then.
  • The lead singer finds it ironic saying ‘sorry’ to people who didn’t even acknowledge his apology.

Chito Miranda posted on his twitter account a message of apology to the people he offended during his show on May 4.

This is after he attempted to weigh on his definition of what the 90s kids and the millennials are.

Chito pointed out that millennials are far more sensitive than people born in the 90s and justified his statement by saying, “Tayong mga batang ’90s, we don’t get offended by songs (pertaining to the song titled Silvertoes) we released in 1997 that contained explicit lyrics.

Many seemed offended by his words with some even calling him “hypocrite”.

Because of this, even if he found it ironic, the lead singer apologized to the people he offended through his Twitter account.

Also, he posted a message defining what ‘batang 90s’ is.

“Linawin ko lang. Yung mga batang 90s, sila yung mga teenagers at college kids nung 90s (pinanganak ng 70s-early 80s) na kung kanino directed lahat ng bago at uso nung 90s (90s music, technology, fashion, etc…).”

He ended his post by writing, “Hindi po ibig sabihin na 90s kid ka kasi pinanganak ka nung 90s.”

He also explained that Silvertoes was written when he was still 17 years old- his, during his heydays.

He didn’t only apologize for what he said, but also to the people who find his song (Silvertoes) and other songs with explicit lyrics offensive.

Even so, his bashers keep buzzing on Twitter.

On his recent post, Chito just brushed off the issue and wrote, “Anyway, moving on.”


Written by Gayflor De Guzman

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