‘Dahil sa Pag-ibig’ fails to beat ‘Los Bastardos’ on its pilot week

  • Dahil sa Pag-ibig’ is a crime drama series that premiered on May 20 on the GMA Network
  • On its pilot week, the series failed to beat ‘Los Bastardos’ of ABS-CBN in terms of ratings

‘Dahil sa Pag-ibig’ (originally titled as Blood Money) is a crime drama series by GMA Network. Directed by Ricky Davao, it stars Sanya Lopez, Benjamin Alves, Winwyn Marquez, and Pancho Magno.

It premiered on May 20, 2019 on the network’s Afternoon Prime line up replacing ‘Inagaw na Bituin.’

The series tells the story of a married couple separated by distance and consequently confronted by temptations and difficulties.

Eldon (Benjamin Alves), who works in Saudi Arabia, commits a grave crime that eventually lands him in jail. Desperate to bail out her husband, Mariel (Sanya Lopez) tries to earn “blood money” by considering Gary’s (Pancho Magno) indecent proposal.

Meanwhile, Portia (Winwyn Marquez), the wife of Eldon’s employer, is bent on putting him behind bars.

On its pilot week, Eldon cheated on his wife, Mariel, and gave in to Portia’s temptations. This dalliance turns deadly when Portia’s Arabian partner shows up and Eldon ends up stabbing him. Eldon ends up in jail for his crime.

Even with its intense pilot week, ‘Dahil sa Pag-Ibig’ failed to defeat ‘Los Bastardos.’

According to NUTAM TV Ratings:

Monday (May 20) Dahil sa Pag-ibig Pilot: 5.2% vs. Los Bastardos: 6.1%

Tuesday (May 21) Dahil sa Pag-ibig: 5.6% vs. Los Bastardos: 6.7%

Wednesday (May 22) Dahil sa Pag-ibig: 5.9% vs. Los Bastardos: 7.1%

Thursday (May 23) Dahil sa Pag-ibig: 5.5% vs. Los Bastardos: 7.3%

Friday (May 24) Dahil sa Pag-ibig: 5.3% vs. Los Bastardos: 7.5%



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