Delivercation? Lalamove is on your service through this summer heat!

  • Lalamove offers customers the convenience of having everything delivered to their doorstep this summer season
  • With Lalamove’s purchase service and queuing system, customers don’t have to step outside to do feel refreshed and do errands
  •  4-wheel vehicles can deliver huge items like inflatable pools right to your door

Summer is definitely here and it brings scorching heat to our urban lives that makes us long for a vacation. We all want to take it down a notch and be outdoors basking in the summer sun. While others have already gone out to the countryside and enjoyed, there are some of us who are still planning and taking life way too easy. Although it can’t be easy going outside because of the heat, right? That’s why Lalamove is here to give you tips on how to have an awesome Delivercation at home, work, school or wherever you are this summer season.

Have an awesome Delivercation this Summer with Lalamove (4)

First off, what’s Delivercation? Basically, it’s the art of enjoying summer wherever you are in the metro, without suffering the heat waves outside, and experiencing pure relaxation while you have the things you want delivered. Here’s how you can maximize the Lalamove app to have just that.

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Use Lalamove’s Purchase Service. With the heat index reaching up to 39 degrees celsius, you will definitely have a craving for a refreshing drink or a tub of ice cream. Let’s have the Lalamove partner riders take care of that while you binge-watch your favorite series at home.

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Their app also has a Queueing Service! If you need to pay bills, make bank deposits, or just want to buy those concert or movie tickets without breaking a sweat, use the Queueing Service of the Lalamove app so they can wait in line in your stead! Technology, right?

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4-wheel vehicles are spacious and can bring summer to you! If you just can’t travel and bum on the beach, why not bring the beach to you? Well, not literally but if you have a spacious backyard, why not set up an inflatable pool? You can even throw in a surfboard on the side to complete the summer vibe.

Have an awesome Delivercation this Summer with Lalamove (3)

These are just some of Lalamove’s additional services in their delivery app. Now, if your friends ask you how you’re spending the season at home, tell them summer is here! Happy Delivercation!


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