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Edward Barber supports Maymay Entrata on ‘Darna’ decision

Who wouldn’t want a supportive man, right?

The most sought-after love team of today’s generation Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, MayWard has known and captured their loyal fans because of their genuine and authenticity on showing their love, may it be on or off cam, which really brings kilig to their fans.

Which Maymay’s on screen partner, Edward Barber had showed, once again, on how he is very supportive to his love team partner.

On the news of actress Liza Soberano’s withdrawal from the ‘Darna’ movie project due to medical conditions, a lot of fan favorites by netizens had eyed certain actresses for the role of ‘Darna,’ and one of these is, the grand winner of ‘Pinoy Big Brother season 7,’ Maymay Entrata.

On the press conference of ‘Hiwaga ng Kambat,’ a new fantaserye of ABS-CBN starred by the sought after love team of today’s generation Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, Maymay had shared her thoughts about her eyed in portraying ‘Darna,’ the actress have said that she would rather said she will choose to become ‘Darna’s’ sidekick instead.

“Siguro mas pipiliin ko po sidekick muna. Para siyempre ‘pag may mga bagong hindi ka pa alam, dapat po talaga munang matutunan bago mo makuha ‘yung ultimate na superhero.”

When asked on Edward Barber’s say on Maymay’s decision of her in choosing to be Darna’s sidekick instead. The actor said, “I know for a fact that Maymay woudn’t be comfortable (to be Darna). That’s always her decision. I mean, whatever she wants to do, I’m full support behind her.”

It deeply shows that MayWard are very genuine and supportive with each other on the projects that are possibly would be given to them, which also shows that the love team aren’t tied down with each other and can work independently and stand alone.

Also, on an Instagram live video of Maymay Entrata, when a commentor asked if she could be Darna, Maymay jokingly said that the bra won’t fit on her breast.


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