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“Same sound?” Moira Dela Torre defends ‘Idol Philippines’ contestant from Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

Since the “Idol Fever” has started with the launch of Idol Philippines, the tension on the search for the first-ever Idol Philippines search had escalated, but is it true that members of the panel of judges have raised tension with each other, as well?

Last May 5, 2019, on the Sunday episode of the ‘Idol Philippines,’ judges Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Moira Dela Torre engaged in a small argument due to a performance of an auditionee.

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The auditionee, Leann Ganzon, performed an original song for the audition but Asia’s Song Bird had noticed one thing, the Idol aspirant’s voice had a very same sound to singers such as Yeng Constantino and most noticeably, Moira Dela Torre, and thus this kind of voice is perhaps copied.

“I like the song. I like how you performed it. I like your voice. My problem is, you guys have the same sound to me. You all sound the same. I know that it’s current, but you sound the same. And the thing is, I know that you’re making this sound. It’s not something that you’re born with.”

“We already have Moira, we have Yeng, it’s the same sound,” she added.

Which elicited Moira Dela Torre’s comment and defended the auditionee.

“I understand, ‘yung pinanggagalingan ni Mama Reg, na ‘yung generation natin, ang daming ganito ang sound.

“But also Mama Reg, gusto kong i-defend si Leann because for me ang dami ko na din nasulat na kanta, ‘yung mga kanta ko pare-pareho ang tunog until I brought it to the studio and in-arrange na.”

Regine immediately shared her side again by saying that it wasn’t about the genre, but the voice.

“No, No I’m not talking about the genre, it’s the voice.”

But before Regine finished explaining, Moira immediately stood up and and changed her seat beside fellow judge James Reid, thanks to Vice Ganda’s joke, the tension has immediately subsided berween the two.

With the happening, this garnered a lot of attention from social media platforms on the two having a small argument. Some has sided with Regine for her very honest opinion and some sided with Moira.

But on what happened, the two had made sure that the argument had died down and made it rather into a joke, as seen on the twitter account of Asia’s Song Bird.

Which Moira replied. The Idol aspirant, on the other hand, has made her way to the Idol City.

Now, with the argument that has elicited feedback, it greatly shows how serious the judges are in searching for the next ‘Idol Philippines’ champion.


Written by Cathy Solivar

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