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Kris Aquino cried for help in her room but it was sound proof!

  • Kris Aquino gets injured in an accident at her home
  • Kris Aquino suffers multiple injuries after an accident in her own home
  • Kris shared her lesson: “It’s not great to have a sound proofed home”

The former queen of all media, Kris Aquino, had shocked every one with her Instagram post, wherein Kris Aquino got into a little accident.

On her Instagram post, the actress posted a picture of her scratched arm, after she fell off her bed.

“We already changed my bed to a lower one but after my morning shower, I took a shortcut, stepped onto the bed, lost my footing and fell straight into the wooden breakfast tray.”

The incident occurred in her room but when she cried for help, she didn’t get any since her room was sound-proof.

She gave a warning, “It’s not great to have a sound proofed home. Bimb was in his study room across & i was afraid to move in case i dislocated anything; i kept shouting for HELP but nobody could hear me…”

“After a couple of minutes i saw my phone was within reach I called Bincai, she came in, saw me in a crumpled heap then 3 of them helped put me in a seated position to check if I had hurt anything badly.”

Nonetheless, Kris Aquino is now okay after what happened. It was just recently when a viral video of her escalated on social media, where she was interviewed and on the exact moment, the earthquake happened.

But the actress acted chill and even lightened the situation by saying that at least she bought all the Chanel bags she likes, which really gained admiration from netizens.

Truly, Kris Aquino and her being close to the  media, is always a sight to behold.


Written by Cathy Solivar

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