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Kris Aquino slams basher for comparing her to Korina Sanchez

  • Kris Aquino claps back to a basher who compared her to Kapamilya host Korina Sanchez.
  • Aquino’s loyal supporters defended the Queen of All-Media against the rude basher.
  • Aquino and Sanchez’s feud happened after the latter featured James Yap and his new family on Rated K.

Kris Aquino is one of the most-talked about celebrities in Philippine entertainment whether it be on television and online especially on social media platforms.

Recently, Aquino slammed a basher for a rude comment on her Instagram.

On the evening of April 29, Kris posted via a Facetime clip along with her sons Joshua Aquino at Bimby Yap.

There were Netizens who commented and who mentioned the name of Korina Sanchez.

@000carl000, “Kris anong feeling na masaya si korina sa kambal nya at asawa? Anong feeling na walang lalaking nag mamahal sayo?”

The Queen of All Media, felt offended and reacted to the comment.

“@000carl000 if you feel this comment will give her husband 4.2 million more votes best of luck to you [with yellow heart emoticon],” she replied.

Early this year, Korina and her husband surprisingly shared to the public their twins Pilar and Pepe. The couple had a gestational surrogacy in America.

Not bad, there were Netizens who were very supportive to Kris and defended her against the basher.

@aquino_amber08, “atleast c @krisaquino galing sa sinapupunan ang mga anak niya eh kay koring hehehe di niya naranasan maglihi, magbuntis na siyam na buwan at higit sa lahat di niya naranasan sa buong buhay niya magluwal ng bata hahaha baka yang pinangbayad sa ‘Surrogate Mother’ galing sa Yolanda Fund hahaha.”

“di baleng walang nagmamahal na lalaki kay @krisaquino atleast may mga anak na mapagmahal at di katulad ni koring mo hahaha ni minsan di niya parin naranasan kung paano maglihi,” the Netizen added.

Kris urged her supporters not to pay attention to her basher, “@aquino_amber08 when they go low- sorry I’m not Michelle- we buy Chanel. (Wag na patulan.)”

On April 22 last year, the two personalities had a rift after Sanchez featured Aquino’s ex-husband James Yap together with his partner Michela Cazzola and their son Michael James on Rated K.

Korina remained silent and did not make any comment about the issue. Every time Sanchez makes a post on her Instagram she always indicate the hashtag #MisisNiMar.

Mar Roxas is one of the senatorial candidate for this coming election.

Mar now is taking the blue theme and no longer the color yellow so as to not associate himself with the former President Noynoy Aquino. Erice, Roxas’s campaign manager and spokesperson is somehow putting the blame to Noynoy for the former Presidentiable’s loss in the last elections.


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