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News broadcasters unite to pay tribute to ABS-CBN on its 65th Anniversary

  • ABS-CBN’s News team shows solidarity on ABS-CBN’s 65th anniversary on different social media platforms
  • News anchors, journalists, and such thanked ABS-CBN for what they are today
  • ABS-CBN remains strong despite its franchise not being renewed yet

In the aftermath of Jimmy Bondoc’s tirade against ABS-CBN and the possible non-renewal of its franchise, the people behind ABS-CBN unite to pay tribute and show their appreciation to the Kapamilya Network on its 65th anniversary.

News reporters, hosts, and veteran journalists posted their thoughts on social media.

‘Umagang Kay Ganda’ host Gretchen Ho tweeted how thankful she is for ABS-CBN giving her the opportunity to be part of the network.

ABS-CBN News Chief Ging Reyes also made a lengthy post on how proud she is as a Kapamilya.

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I have been and always will be a #proudkapamilya! Started in #abscbnnews in 1986 as a production assistant and rose from the ranks on hard work, determination and grit. I was a young mother (eventually a single one) trying to make it in that brave new world. We were all learning as we gathered stories, produced the newscasts and new shows, in our makeshift newsroom with hardly any equipment or resources. In #abscbn, I found my voice and pursued a calling, from the farthest towns to the diaspora communities an ocean away. We witness history unfold and seek truth, and in so doing, ruffle feathers and invite criticism. No administration in this country was ever happy with News. That’s why we know we are doing our job. What is news after all, but something someone somewhere does not want published or aired? This is why an independent media matters in any democracy. This is the reason a free press is protected by our Constitution. And while we celebrate successes, we also acknowledge and learn from our failures. We belong to an industry that’s competitive and tough, but also one that aims to be a force for good. No amount of attacks from powerful people and blind fanatics can diminish our resolve to stay the course and remain in the service of our fellow Filipinos.

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Broadcast Journalist Karen Davila also thanked ABS-CBN on her Twitter account.

“Happy 65 Years ABS-CBN  Truly grateful to be working for this amazing company for 19 yrs now. In the service of the FILIPINO… #proudkapamilya”

ANC News production Head Nadia Trinidad tweeted about how ABS-CBN molded her to be a better journalist.

“I know I’m in a good place because every day for the last 2 decades ABS-CBN challenges me to be a better journalist, a better person than the day before. Most importantly, challenges everyone in this country to be better Filipinos. This is home.”

“My stint in ABS-CBN was a fascinating learning experience. Happy 65th and thank you, #Kapamilya !!! #gratitude”

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Late edition: Coming from an immersive stint at a wonderful network, it's been great to transition into a new home as a weekend warrior, and weave a simple strand into a long, rich tapestry of excellence. All thanks to a professional team of peers, a top-notch production unit, and a brilliant cadre of leaders who stand on the shoulders of visionaries and strive to truly be in service of the #global #filipino – while enabling me to pursue my day job and vocation. Congratulations to #abscbn and #anc for the world-beating, award-winning experience and milestones. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute in this small but meaningful capacity. Here's to the next sixty-five years in the #digital age, and then some. #onthemoney #shoptalk #entreplab #chuffed #kapamilya #gawadtanglaw #mediamatters #stayclassy

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ABS-CBN is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year.


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