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‘PBB Otso’ ex-housemate Wakim Regalado threatens to expose the show’s secret

One of the controversial housemates of Pinoy Big Brother, Joachim “Wakim” Regalado, had threatened to exposed the Pinoy Big Brother’s anomalies.

Dubbed as “Ang Gifted Go-Getter ng Iloilo,” he is one of the second batch of adult housemates of ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother – Otso and was known for his impressive intelligence and garnered a lot of fans, despite others hating his attitude; though some do believe that Wakim is just being “very true to himself.”

Wakim had graced the house with his wit and intelligence, and on how he used it on the weekly tasks, and conversing with others in a very articulate way showed how gifted the ex-housemate is.

However, just recently, an Instagram story of Wakim, in a survey, asked the viewers if he wants to expose the secrets of Pinoy Big Brother, captioned

“Should I publicly expose PBB’s bullshit???” with choices, “YES PLS” “NO PARA MKA SHOWBIZ”

As it shocked the netizens, the story was immediately taken down by Wakim, and he publicly apologized for his irresponsibility in his Twitter account.

“So sorry everyone!! I’m all for responsible use of social media and I posted something very irresponsible ☹️ No excuses. It won’t happen again and I’m truly so sorry.”

A lot of people had reacted and responded on this apology that Wakim has made. Some accepted the apology lightly, others answered sarcastically, and some have not minded at all.

Wakim Regalado was evicted from the ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ house on February 29, 2019 along with Mitch Talao, during a double eviction night.


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