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What happened? Ryan Bang gets lectured by ‘It’s Showtime’ director Bobet Vidanes

  • Ryan Bang scolded for spilling a lot of information to the Whomahanaps on ‘It’s Showtime’
  • Ryan Bang reprimanded by Direk Bobet Vidanes on live television
  • ‘It’s Showtime’ hosts keep on hinting Ryan Bang to stop describing the male searchers to the female searchers but to no avail

“Once is enough for a wise man” — a cliché if translated in layman’s term as One who is wise learns from his or her first experience and does not then need to repeat the same over and over again.

It can be seen that Ryan Bang has been the eye of’ It’s Showtime’ Director, Bobet Vidanes, for spilling too much information about the male searchers or the ‘KalaWHOks’ to the girl searchers or the ‘WHOmahanaps’ during #ShowtimeFiestahan aired May 6, 2019.

This was preceded by the several hints by Vhong Navarro, Billy Crawford and Jugs and Teddy to not describe the male searchers to the girls as it is extremely prohibited by the management so the girls cannot have a picture on their mind beforehand, they have to feel it by themselves.

Yet, we can see Ryan, carelessly repeat the same mistakes after series of friendly rebukes from the co-hosts. This made up Direk Bobet’s mind to go down the stage and explain to Ryan the do’s and don’ts for the show.

Ryan Bang handled the situation very well, still said ‘I love you’ to his director, and was cautious not to describe the male searchers anymore after being scolded on national TV. In defense, Ryan immediately said Direk Bobet is teaching him the way to do things because he is loved by his own director.

But the netizens did not take it lightly. Some others understood Direk Bobet’s point.

It can be recalled that it is the wife of Direk Bobet Vidanes, Cory Vidanes who insisted to put Ryan on the show on the first place. That is how Ryan Bang entered the colorful world of It’s Showtime with Direk Bobet as his superior.

As a father rebukes his son, for his own good. So, is Direk Bobet to Ryan Bang.


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